I pull up to the mansion and security waves me through, recognizing my silver Mercedes. I drive to the front of the house and the doorman, dressed in a plain black suit, earpiece and dark shades, opens the door for me. I roll my eyes. How cheesy and predictable can you get? I thought. I walk in and head straight back to my client’s office. 

“Selene, darling. How’s it going?”

“Good, good. Are you ready? What do you have for me?”

“Here, here, sit.” He stands from his lounge and motions to a chair for me. “Whiskey, right?”

I nod as he opens the decanter and pours me a dram. He walks over and hands it to me. “So?” 

He takes a deep breath and starts rambling on about his great idea for charity work while pacing the floor in front of me. He has recently been caught in a bad light and is back peddling. 

“Mark, Mark, this isn’t my job, it’s your publicity manager’s job. I thought you had an idea for me.”

“This is my idea. Don’t you like it?”

I sigh. “Yes, Mark, it sounds good. I will talk to Madaline and we’ll figure something out. Ok?” Standing, I throw back my drink and set the cup on the side table in the massively overdone room. He nods and walks me to his office door. 

“Thanks, you’re a gem,” he says and plants a kiss on my cheek.

I walk out to my car and turn the engine over. I buckle up and press the screen on my dash. “Call Madaline,” I say to the AI connecting my phone and car. I put it in gear as a small voice answers over the car’s speakers. 

“Member’s Publicity, Julie speaking. How may I direct your call?”

“Hey, Julie, this is Selene, put me through to Mada, please.”

“Yes, ma’am, right away. Hold, please.” Now that is one mortal that I wish I could get to know better. She is as sweet as her voice and I’m sure she tastes just as sweet. The thought sends me back to Endymion and a twinge of sadness replaces the enlightened feelings Julie has just given me. A smooth alto voice snaps me out of my brooding as Madaline answers the phone.

“Selene, darling, how can I help you today?”

“Mada, my sweet, Mark has this idea to help counter his, um, issue, and I told him we needed to talk about it.”

“What has the boy come up with this time? Is it worth the effort?”

“While it may save his ass, it won’t save his wallet.”

“Figures. Ok, send it over and we’ll look at it.”

The phone drops with a click and my music takes over. The sounds of drums and echoes fill my car as I drive down the palm-lined street. I make my way back into the city and pull up to my office building. Parking my car in the garage complex, I take my private elevator up to my floor. When I walk into the outer office to check in with my assistant, I find the mortal I hired to help me build my research facility standing outside my office, chatting with my receptionist.

“John, please, come in. Val, hold my calls until further notice please.” Val nods as we walk into my office together and the architect closes the door behind himself. I pick up a remote and turn the stereo on. We have work to do and it doesn’t involve my clients. “So, has the permit come through?” I ask, now that we are alone.

He nods and says, “Yes, ma’am, I have it right here.” He pulls a paper from his briefcase. “We can start building the lab next month.”

“Excellent.” Opening the tube, we roll out the blueprints for my new venture. I turn to my desk and grab the corresponding folder sitting on the top. John places paperweights on the corners while I arrange the papers from the folders so we can see all the data.

I have talked with oceanographers from all over the world and have many of the key scientists on board. We are going to be working on developing better filters for industrial companies: power drums that not only generate clean energy, but also filter plastics out of the oceans and many other amazing contributions to improve Gaia’s gulfs and oceans. We finish the meeting as the darkness falls. John looks up at me with wide eyes, “Um, ma’am?” He swallows hard and starts stuttering as he raises his hand to point at my face.

“What are you gawking at?”

“You, you’re glowing,” he says in a stutter. 

“Oh that? Na, that’s just the evening reflection this room gets at sundown. Happens all the time,” I say, trying to deflect his accusation. “But that is enough for today. See you tomorrow?” And I show him to the door. 

As the door closes behind him, I stretch and enjoy the darkness filling my office. Hi, Nyxie. On my way, I think to myself. I go to my personal chambers and change for the evening.  I come out in a silver, sparkling number and try to rein in my glow a bit. 

I slip down in my personal elevator to the building’s garage area and to my beautiful Mercedes. I climb in and press the button to put down the sunroof. Being a titan in this mortal world has its advantages and its drawbacks. Like right now, I want to bask in the darkness and let my power flow, but somehow the thought of the mass carnage a glowing silver Mercedes cruising down Spring Street would cause helps me stay in check.  

I pull into the club parking lot and throw the keys at the valet. “Not a scratch,” I growl at the young boy that catches my keys. The energy pulsating from the club is intoxicating, and I walk inside without security even giving me a second glance. I find my way to the center of the dance floor and drink it in like alcohol. I sway and gyrate to all the songs as the energy flows through me. What a novel idea Zeus had, to mingle with the mortals. I throw my head back and laugh. 

Some time later, a handsome man attempts to join me in conversation, but as I look at him, the memory of Endymion floods and me and I dash for the bathroom. Will I ever be free of his memory? Of this heartache? I stare at myself in the mirror. Get it together, Selene! I tell myself angrily. This is supposed to be a new start. There is nothing you can do about Endy. 

I splash water on my face and wipe it off with a paper towel. I look back at my human-form and fluff my hair. I shake my head and turn, forcefully pushing the swinging door out in front of me. I press my shoulders back and walk with my head held high back out onto the dance floor. 

Now, where was that tasty young man?  I scan the floor for the boy I probably scared off. Making my way through the crowd, I bump into a lovely specimen. Forgetting the young man, I flash my gleaming white smile at her and whisper in her ear, “May I have this dance?” 

She nods and leans back into me. 

Ah, mortals, what fun.

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