Phobos and Deimos met me Monday to talk about the plans for recovering Anthony Santiago. This guy had lucrative, illegitimate business dealings all over the globe. I wanted to see how much of that I could take part in.

“The sex-trafficking is the most lucrative stuff he does,” pointed out Phobos.

“Yeah,” I responded as I sifted through copies of his bank statements, “but we aren’t going to touch that at all.”

“Why not?” asked Deimos.

“Because Aunt Demeter said it’s off limits. We free the abducted young men, women, and children we find and turn them over to the authorities.”

“Turn them loose? Really?” asked Deimos again.

“Yes, turn them loose. First of all, slavery is a foul practice, and second of all, you can explain to Demeter, Athena, Artemis, and Hera why you are sex-trafficking women and children.”

Phobos snorted. “Are you really worried about pissing off Artemis more?”

I shot a glare at him. “Don’t you worry about Artemis and me. You just fucking concentrate on the job here at hand.”

Phobos would not be cowed. “Artemis and you? Is that still a thing?”

Deimos joined in now.

“Yeah, I heard after a few days with you she decided to go back to being a virgin. Maybe Grandpa Zeus will cast another spell on her va-jay-jay and make it good as new.”

Phobos and Deimos were laughing hard now.

Phobos wiped his eyes and continued. “It’s no issue. Dinlas probably didn’t even dent that cherry.”

I had enough. I wanted Phobos, but Deimos was closer. I grabbed him by the back of the neck and slammed his face down on the desk. I then lifted his head back up and did it two more times. Deimos spluttered and fought to get free.

“I told you,” I said through gritted teeth, “that the topic of Artemis and me is off limits.”

Deimos put his hands up to his bloody nose and exclaimed, “Dammit, Dinlas, I think you broke my nose.” 

Phobos stared, silent.

“Good,” I said, “maybe it’ll make you a little fucking prettier.”

Deimos stumbled away to get a towel from the bathroom, and Phobos stood, still staring at me.

“Do you have something else you want to say, Phobos?”

“Hey, Brother, we’re just messing around with you. Don’t worry about that slut, she’s not worth your time.”

“Call her a slut again and you’ll be spitting teeth all over this desk. Wanna test me on that?”

Phobos shook his head. Truth be told, both of them were more than a little afraid of me. Not that they weren’t capable, they were. It was more that, when pushed, I have a temperament that won’t stand down.

“Good, now maybe we can go over the plan here,” I said.

“Yeah, sure, Dinlas, show me what you got,” he replied with an attempted air of nonchalance.

I showed him copies of shipping manifests for two ships in the Port of Athens.

“These two ships – Star of the Adriatic and Star of the Aegean – are both his ships. In a rare opportunity, they are both in port right now. Tiffani and Barbi have both assured me that there is credible information coming in on my tip lines right now that both ships have contraband.”
“Contraband?” asked Phobos as he glanced at Deimos returning with a toilet paper plug shoved up each nostril.

“Contraband,” I confirmed, “as in human contraband. We will seize these two ships in a coordinated attack to release these people. I want to send a message to Santiago and get him rattled. Right now with the armament surrounding him he is practically invincible. A man that’s nervous,however, will make mistakes. If we take out two of his ships, that oughta rattle his cage.”

“Bruffer,” said a congested sounding Deimos, “dat zounds like a lot for da t’ree ov us.”

I looked at Phobos. “Does it sound like a lot to you? I mean, we are gods last time I checked.”

Phobos hesitated, then answered, “Well maybe if we add a few mercenaries. You know, just to be sure.”

“So you two are scared?”

“I’m not scared,” replied Phobos. Deimos shook his head as well.

“Then what’s the fucking problem?”

Phobos said, “It just seems like a lot of risk. I mean, we can take a few guys with us and everything is good. Why wouldn’t we do that?”

I eyed the two of them.

“Alright,” I said at last, “let me think about it and we can meet here tomorrow to sort it out.”

The twins looked at each other, then back at me and nodded.

“Okay, then get out of here. I’ll see you tomorrow.” The pair disappeared, leaving behind just the soft pop of air.
I sat down and looked at the photos again. They were right, we could use a few extra guys. The fact of the matter is though, I wanted a high kill count. I wasn’t in the mood for anything other than a gory bloodbath, and I wanted to be the one to orchestrate…

There was a knock at the office door.

“Sir,” came Estrella’s voice, “I have the mail.”

I sighed and thought, “Another uncomfortable encounter coming up.

“Thank you, Estrella. Please, bring it in.”

Estrella came in with a handful of mail.

“Here you are, Sir,” she said with a smirk playing around the corners of her mouth.

“Is something funny, Estrella?”

“No, Sir, not funny. More ironic. Well, ironic and funny.”

“I see, news truly does travel fast around here.”

“Well, Sir, we are, in part, an intelligence agency. We get paid to be on top of the news.”

“True, true. Are you going to gloat?”

“I think I’ve earned the right,” she replied. She stared me in the eye without hesitation.

I stood up and walked around behind her. She was now between me and the desk. I put my hands gently on her shoulders.

“So you’re happy at my discomfort?” I asked. I felt her shiver at my touch.

“Unconcerned,” she replied, “as you were unconcerned with me, not even a week ago.”

“I see. What would make you feel concern for me?” I asked as I slowly began to unzip her snug skirt.

She put her hand over my hand to stop the zipper. “Commitment. We can be in a committed alternate relationship. But, same as you, I need to know I am loved and that I will be cared for. After all, isn’t that what a Dom does? Doesn’t he cherish and care for his subs when they treat him well? I did nothing but treat you well and I worked hard to satisfy your needs.”

She was right. She did all those things.

“Fair enough. We are in a relationship. I may choose to take another submissive at times, but I will not cut you loose like that again. It was wrong of me to leave you like that, with no one to care for you.”

She turned her head to the side so I could see her smile. She let go of my hand on her zipper.

“Sir, I can feel you pressing into my hip.”

So I was. I felt waves of emotions coursing through me. Desire, Anger, Jealousy, Lust. The whole litany of passion-fueled energies. I pulled her skirt the rest of the way down and bent her roughly over my desk. Once I freed myself from my own pants, Estrella and I consummated our reborn relationship. It was rough and angry. All my emotions from the last several days were directed at her. My hands were all over her, from her hips up to her neck. Grabbing, scratching, choking, and squeezing.

For the life of me, I don’t know how she just stood there, holding on to the edge of the desk and taking it. Taking it with a smile on her face.

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