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Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.

Mahatma Gandhi 

Physical Appearance

Height: 6’ tall

Weight: 220 lbs

Hair Color: Light brown hair, shoulder-length

Facial Hair: Scruffy beard

Eyes: Golden brown eyes

Distinguishing Features: 


Parents: King Peleus of Phthia, and Nereid Thetis

Siblings: None 

Spouse: Briseis was his wife, although they’re separated now

Children: Neoptolemus





Personal Information

General Overview: Day to day, Achilles wakes up and trains himself first, as he remembers the Trojan Wars. Afterward, he begins grisly training his warriors. He aims to breed new warriors, the best only, to spread the further word of his achievements. It’s more personal bragging than helping Greece. 

Achilles talks envious of the Gods, as he seeks his own throne in Olympus. He talks down to the lower mortals. He is quick-tempered and quickly ready to fight. Spilling blood is an ecstasy for Achilles. 

Achilles’ body is indestructible, as he is a demigod, making him immortal. 

Nicknames: Greatest Greek Warrior

Likes: Battles, Alcohol, Money, Power

Dislikes: Mortals, Interruptions, God’s Disapproval



Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear: Full black, totally ditched the gold armor of millennia age. Leather clothing, a front tailed hooded coat and black boots. 

Alternative Dress Wear: Traveling to Olympus – Same clothes, except more weapons and sleeveless jacket.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons


Historical Synopsis

Achilles, the greatest warrior ever to grace Greece, is the son of a mortal king, Peleus of Phthia. His mother, however, was Thetis, a sea nymph or Nereid. It is said that Achilles was the bravest and most handsome warrior during the Trojan Wars. He was raised with his cousin, Patroclus and raised by his mother at Phyhia. 

Some tales depict Achilles, as an infant, being dipped in the River Styx by his mother. This is where he obtained his invulnerability, with the exception of his heel. His heel is the only place Thetis held on to Achilles as she dipped him in the waters. 

In a later text, it is said that King Peleus received word that his son would die in the Trojan War. So, the king disguised Achilles as a woman to keep him from certain death. Upon hearing that Troy could not be taken without Achilles, the Greeks searched and found him. 

For nine years, Achilles secured victories of twelve cities around Troy. In his tenth year, Achilles refused service after being separated from his beloved Briseis. So, his cousin paraded in disguise to look like Achilles. Prince Hector of Troy slew Achilles’ cousin. In return, Achilles obtained new armor from the God Hephaestus and avenged his cousin by killing Hector. This set in motion a vital price of historical text. The story goes that Hector’s brother, Paris, shot Achilles with an arrow being guided by the God Apollo himself. It is said the arrow kill Achilles…or did it?
Source: Editors of Britannica Encyclopedia

Achilles as told by Retired Scribe


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