I was working at my London office when a sudden feeling of melancholy washed over me. I rarely feel these types of emotions and it caught me off guard. Grabbing my glass of bourbon from the coffee table, I leaned back and closed my eyes, searching my memories for what was so different or special about today. Turning my head, I opened an eye and glanced at the flip-calendar on my desk. [FEB 13] Ugh, that damn Roman holiday is tomorrow. Returning my head to the cushion, I reclosed my eyes and let my mind wander.

Passing across Greece one night, I looked down and saw the most delicious looking mortal tending sheep in an Olympian field. I landed my chariot and sauntered over, introducing myself.

Sitting up abruptly, I shook my head and downed my bourbon before rising and striding to the bar to refill my glass. I stood a moment, sighed deeply, and returned to the couch empty-handed. My mind wandered again, even as I attempted to refocus on my work.  

Endymion took my hand in his as we walked along the shore. He stopped and turned to face me. 

“I want this to last forever,” I said, half to myself.

“Me too, Luna, but I will age and die,” he said with sadness in his voice.

“Godsdamnit!” I returned to the bar and looked frantically through the cupboards for my flask of Hestia’s brew. “Eureka!” I found it. It was at the back of the shelf, under the sink, and behind the bleach. Unscrewing the cap while standing, I didn’t even bother walking back to the couch this time before taking a swallow. “What the gods is wrong with me tonight?” Before I even completely rested my hip on the counter, another memory plagued me.

“Zeus, please, grant him eternal youth so that he will live with me forever.” Zeus nodded and laid his hand on Endy, placing him into an eternal sleep. 

I shook my head and took another drink. Gods, why? I walked to the window and stared out into the night.

Every night, without fail, I visited him where he slept.

This time, a more recent memory ran through my head.

Driving my chariot across the sky and listening to the mortals plead for love and blessings wears on me after a while. I feel so alone. I look down at couple after couple and the longing just eats away at me.

“Screw it!” I shouted, fogging up the window. “I am done! Done being alone, done pining, done longing! He is my responsibility because I got him into this mess, but I am not spending another night, another day, empty and alone. I am back among the mortals and it’s time to move on.”

Marching to my private quarters, I threw open the door and changed into one of my short, tight numbers and ran a brush through my long platinum hair.  I slipped back into my office and took the private elevator to the ground level. My convertible waited in the parking garage and I slid into the seat and turned over the engine. A smile crept across my face as it purred to life and I put the top down. 

Less than twenty minutes later, I was pulling up to my favorite club on Spring Street. I frequent this club so often, the valet, doormen, and management all know me by name. Between talent scouting and enjoying the mortals here, I am welcome at any time and pretty much get whatever I want. I pulled up to the front and took my tag from the valet, slipping it into my clutch with a wink. I made my way into the club and was quickly surrounded by jubilant, dancing mortals.

“Time to move on,” I told myself as a couple sandwiched me between them. Leaning my head into the crook of the man’s shoulder and grabbing hold of the woman’s hip, I pulled them both closer. “This is going to be fun.” 

I was about to whisper my intentions to the couple when a tall, dapper gentleman approached us, took my hand from the woman’s hip, and pulled me away. 

“Excuse me, my lady, but may I have this dance?” he asked with a slight bow of his head.

Glancing back, I raised my eyebrow quizzically, then looked back at the man holding my outstretched hand. The music changed and the floor cleared. He pulled me into a formal stance, never letting go of my hand but wrapping his free hand around my hip. We moved and swayed as one around the dance floor and, sighing deeply, I remembered the ballroom dancing I had watched over the years from so far away, never participating until now. Getting lost in the flow, I looked up at my partner, this stranger who seemed to know exactly who I was and who had saved me from myself. 

We danced for hours and though others joined us on the dance floor, I hardly noticed. We waltzed and tangoed the night away.

By the time I felt the dawn, I was completely spent. Meandering to the bar for a drink as the music faded, the manager called the night. I threw back a double and searched the crowd for my dashing dancer, but he was gone.

Joining the crowd once again, I made my way alongside them out the door and into cabs and cars alike. My convertible was out front waiting for me in the line down the street and climbing in, I shook my head.

“What a night. Who was that and where did he go?”

The car hummed as I turned the key and I drove to the shore to watch the arrival of Eos. The only time we are together is here, in this moment, between the day and the night. I sighed deeply as she crested the horizon.

“Hello, sister, hope you are well.” 

With that, the moment was over and she was gone. I sat there for a while rethinking the events of the night.

“Happy damn Valentine’s Day, bloody Romans.”

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