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Know Your Goddess

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 145 lbs.

Hair Color: Nebulous, shifting between midnight blue and violet black. Since no one ever sees her until after sundown, reports vary as to the exact color, but if these mortals were more aware of their surroundings, they would realize her hair was the same color as the eastern sky after the sun had gone down in the west.

Facial Hair: None

Eyes: Deep purple

Distinguishing Features: Asteria thought it would be clever to have skin that seemed to glitter like stars in the night sky — hey, if you’re a goddess, flaunt it, right? — that is, until she began attracting the attention of scores of mortals who thought she was a vampire. She still doesn’t quite understand how such nonsense became the prevailing mythology, but has since learned that mortals remain rather handy with getting shit twisted. Being a creature of the night but not that kind of creature of the night, she dialed her skin tone back to a whiter shade of pale. She has a tattoo on her inner left wrist, the lines and dots of a constellation no one has ever seen, but that’s only because no one thinks to draw sky maps from the perspective of Alpha Centauri.


Parents: Coeus and Phoebe

Siblings: Leto

Spouse: Perses

Children: Hekate, no others. Sometimes you get it right the first time and you quit while you’re ahead.


Asteria is the owner and proprietor of Darkstar Coffee Bar, located on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, LA. The bar is only open from sundown to sunrise, which works rather well for this deep South city still in love with the dark. Her servers and bartenders thought it would be cute to adopt the names of stars while on duty — ok, so maybe she encouraged that one along a little — but it’s really become a thing for people to get served by their favorite luminary. Darkstar Coffee Bar is a unique venue in that it utilizes all three stories to give patrons a variety of experiences. The main floor is open to the street and serves as the primary walk-up espresso bar and bistro for the establishment. Asteria loves music, so part of this level is stage for musicians. A winding staircase leads up past the second floor to a plushly appointed rooftop lounge. Here, Asteria holds court beneath the open stars, reading Tarot cards and astrological charts and providing cosmic counsel. Should patrons follow the same winding star down below street level, they would discover a low-lit basement space of conversation nooks and hookah pipes, with ceilings strung with star-shaped Moroccan lanterns of various colors. In the center of this basement space is the oldest well in the city (not that anyone remembers that, of course). Word has begun to get around that tossing a real silver coin in that well makes good things happen and so the coins fall from wishing hands, night after night, flashing down into the darkness like stars falling from the sky.
She also writes a weekly column, Ask Asteria, produced in syndication with several major media outlets where she provides cosmic advice to readers.


Asteria lives in the blocked off second floor of the building that houses Darkstar Coffee Bar.

Personal Information

General Overview: Asteria is a Titan, born of Titans, the last Titan to reside with mankind and one of the only Titans still welcome on Olympus after the Titanomachy. Do not talk shit about the Olympians with her — it will not go well with you.

Deity Nicknames: The Starry One; Goddess of Falling Stars; Lover of Song; She Who Is Made Of Stars; Asteria, She of Happy Name.

Likes: Night, the change of seasons that brings different constellations into the sky, live music, seekers with questions, the moment the first stars appear in the sky.

Dislikes: Light pollution (which she can filter out, thanks to being a goddess), willful ignorance, mortals who simply will not pay attention to the things going on around them. Oh, and the Sun, which has this rather annoying habit of going up and down on a daily basis and cutting into her business hours.


Immortality – Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Mother Tongue – An ability where, rather than speaking all languages, all languages are reduced to a single common tongue that existed long before men and gods. No one is aware they are speaking it, of course. She expands this power to the boundaries of her establishment. Married couples just know Darkstar is the place to go when you need to work through an argument.

Transmogrification – Asteria can alter her appearance and size to that of any living creature.

Divination – Asteria can read the signs and portents to predict the future. Has been around long enough to decide whether or not it’s a good idea to tell anyone the truth about what she sees.

Oneiromancy – Asteria can interpret dreams, as well as slip into the mind of the dreamer to observe and guide them.

Astrology – Asteria can read the movements of the stars like a cosmic clock, because that’s all it is really. One big and enormously complicated clock.

Wish Fulfillment – Asteria never really suffered the loss of worship that other Titans and Olympians did during the fall of the centuries. Mortals have always tied their wishes and dreams to the tails of falling stars, and those stars have always fallen in Asteria’s lap. Where she can and where those wishes are worthy, she grants them, always anonymously. So don’t ask if it was her or not.


Normal Daily Wear: A simple long dress of pure white. It helps to mask the fact she does, literally, seem to glow.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons:


Historical Synopsis

Asteria was the daughter of the Elder Titans, Perses and Phoebe. Sister to Leto. Mother of Hekate. Though not much is known about her, she was one of the last Titans to walk among the race of men. She resided on Olympus and was beloved by Zeus (it is questionable if she participated in the Titanomachy at all based on this). Some accounts state that Zeus (sometimes Poseidon) pursued her, and to escape him, she transformed herself into the island of Asteria, which was said to have fallen from heaven into the sea, also known as the Aegean island later called Delos. Her providence was over stars and divination by the stars (astrology) as well as divination and dream magic (oneiromancy).


Asteria as told by Retired Scribe


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