Know Your Goddess

Height: 5’8

Weight: 136 lbs

Hair Color: Jet black and usually wears it straight and reaches a little past her back.

Facial Hair: N/A

Eyes: normal brown, but turn gold when she uses her powers of persuasion

Distinguishing Features: N/A


Parents: Father – Zeus Mother – Unknown

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A


I like to think of myself as somewhat of an entrepreneur. After being banished to the mortal plane, I have picked up a habit of causing chaos. Whisper a little mischief onto the ears of man and boy, does it pay off. Wars, catastrophes, betrayals, scandals, you name it. I’m in the business of causing trouble and business is booming.


Kicked out of Olympus and currently residing in Sicily, Italy in a Doric-style Greek temple that resembles the home she once loved.

Personal Information

General Overview: Ate is feisty, conniving and always gets her way. She loves mischief and inciting chaos any chance she can get. After all, it is in her DNA. If she is not busy going out dancing or finding the nearest party, she is spending her time whispering into the ears of mortal men. Through the centuries, she has been behind the scenes, causing as much trouble as she can. She feeds off the mischief and ruin she creates, making her only crave the chaos more. She is quick to anger, especially if you bring up her past, but don’t let her hard shell fool you. Buried very deep down in her cold, black heart, there is a part of her somewhere just dying for the love she lost a millennium ago.

Deity Nicknames: N/A

Likes: Winning, chaos, mischief, destruction, men and women, getting her way, makeup, heels, tempting mortals, arrogance and power.

Dislikes: Affection, unless she gives it first, hates liars, weakness, whining, declarations of love.

Skills / Abilities

Immortality – She is immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak – Ate can communicate in all languages and dialects. 

Entrance –Ate can entrance her victims when she speaks to them. Her voice becomes a soothing sound to them as they slowly fall into a trance, completing the task she asks of them. Her eyes turn a shiny gold when this happens.

Limited Shapeshifting –Ate can shapeshift into various animals when she ventures around the mortal plane. The only consolation is that all the animals she mimics are jet black like her hair.

Shadow bend –Ate’s body can become that of smoke, as she can walk through walls or under doors. She also uses this ability to avoid any wounds one may try to inflict. She uses this power to appear out of thin air. This also comes in handy when she wants to whisper misguidings to unsuspecting men without anyone being none the wiser she is present. This power can be quite draining on her and require rest to recharge.

Empath –This gift allows her to feel what her intended victims may feel so she can better corrupt them into to doing something mischievous. If she uses this gift too much, migraines soon follow.


Normal Daily Wear: Usually, you will Find Ate in a long silk dress or anything that shows skin. She loves heels, the higher the better, with any type of gold or silver jewelry. Lace is her favorite right next to leather.

Alternate Dress Wear: When she’s not causing chaos, you can find her in elegant loungewear.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons: N/A

Historical Synopsis

Ate was the goddess of mischief delusion, ruin, and folly. In some tales, she is the daughter of Eris, the Goddess of discord, but has also been linked to being the daughter of Zeus. In the book Homer’s Iliad (Book 19), it talks about Atë being the eldest daughter of Zeus (with no mother mentioned). On Hera’s instigation, Atë used her influence over Zeus so that he swore an oath that on that day, a great mortal man descended from him would be born who would become lord of all men who dwell about him. Hera immediately arranged to delay the birth of Heracles to Alcmene and bring forth Eurystheus prematurely. In a rage, Zeus threw Atë by her hair down to earth, forever forbidding her from Mt. Olympus and heaven, telling her never to return. Ate fell from her home, her heartbreaking eternally, knowing the words Zeus spoke would forever haunt her. Since then, Ate wandered among the mortals on Earth, causing problems, wars, and ruin.

Sources: Greek Mythology website (24 Nov 2019)

Atê as Told By Retired Scribe

Introduction Written by Amber Albright

My name is Ate, the one who leads men astray, the Goddess of mischief and ruin. I am a fallen Goddess, at least that is what I tell myself. It helps lessen the sting of what happened. They say family is everything. Yeah, I would believe that if it wasn’t for the hard lesson I learned so quickly. A simple task she asked and I happily obliged. Hera is the mother of all Gods; who am I to deny her? I wanted to be in her favor, so how could I not? It was simple really to trick Zeus into swearing an oath. He, regardless of his stature, was still a man and men alike bent to me. All I did was help secure that Eurystheus would be born first and it worked like a charm. But boy, does Zeus have a temper. When he found out, he tossed from Mount Olympus and told to never return. 

I admit it broke me. I know he is my father, but my nature begs to come forward. A mere trick really and it cost me my home. And what do the Gods do now? They sat on their thrones, comfortable in the heavens, and forgot about me. I have been erased from history books, my existence barely there. I have been betrayed by my so-called family and used by the one who asked my help. She let him toss me aside, throw me away as if I was nothing. 

My anger is unforgiving, and my wrath will be never-ending. I mean, not that I am complaining too much at the moment. The mortal plane has its ups. They’re so easily corruptible, it’s almost sad. All I have to do is get inside their heads and cause a little mischief. I have created wars since I fell; I have made Kings rise and overthrow cities, and I reveled in it. All I had to do was whisper in the ears of men what they truly wanted, and they carried out the mission beautifully. I feel even Ares himself would have been proud. Not that even he speaks to me now. No, I was an outcast, shunned but that would soon change. 

These are the mortals Zeus loves so dearly, and I will start by making them rip each other apart until not even one worships him. The mortal realm can be my home now. To them, I am chaos and destruction personified. They call on me to rid them of their enemies and all I ask in return is allegiance. Spread my name, my story, for what I truly crave is revenge. The Goddess of Mischief, oh, they have no idea, but soon they will learn. Only one I have hatred for, he left me with nothing but untempered rage that burns inside me. Left alone with the powers I wield is dangerous. Even I know that. The anger I feel inside fuels me, keeps me going, lets me cause destruction among the ones he loves so much. 

But it’s not enough, not anymore. Something is missing, something inside me that yearns for the family I had lost so long ago. Not that I would ever tell them that or admit it to myself. All I ever wanted was a family, a home, to be accepted, to be loved. Silly Goddess to even think the ones closest to you wouldn’t betray you. 

I didn’t choose hate.

No, it chose me.

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