Dionysos (Peter Farmer)

Staff Writer Peter was born not too far from Mt Olympus, and as the Fates would have it, this project brings him full-circle not only on his heritage, but his way of life as well. Writing short stories and poetry started and ended in high school for him, and it wasn't until coming across @inthepantheon thirty years later, that his thirst for the written arts became so strong that he decided to share his work. Words to live by: "I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free" - Nikos Kazantzakis Personal quote: "Strength for slaying Death"

Two-Threes, Part III

“For the present sir, have you chosen one of the two?”
“Yes…. The one on the left.”
“Which left, sir? Yours or mine?”
“Don’t be a smartass, Luis. You are too smart for that.”
“Touché, Master.”

Two-Threes. Part I

What most people do not know about my kind of frenzy is that there is order in the chaos and there is reason to the rhyme. I want my celebrations to be the epicenter of a ripple in time that will touch people throughout their lives.

Sweet Salty Waters

With all the voices surrounding me and the burning fever of the madness threatening me at all times, I could not help what came next. I leaned close, kissed her tenderly on her right cheek and whispered, “That is why I have a special place in my heart for you, you know that.”

Friends Like These

“Of course, sir. Any friend of yours is welcome, sir. Is he… is he real or one of those inner friends you are so fond of?”
“He’s real, alright. You bite-cha.”
“Don’t you mean you betcha sir?”
“That too!”

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