Melpomene (M.N. Kee)

Staff Author M.N. Kee is a stable hand, aka room service for horses, by day and SFF writer every spare second in-between. Daughter of a retired English teacher, she's always had an interest in writing but didn't start taking it seriously until about five or so years ago. She's working on a dark fantasy trilogy called The Mark of the Deceived, the plot of which has changed as much as she has over the years. She also has a spinoff blog called Infernal Happenings, told from the POV of Inferna the Vampire Queen. When she's not writing she's RPing on Twitter, binge watching YouTube, or chilling with her five goats.

The Haunted Undertaker, Part II

“I hope you have found your passage across the Styx, Mr. Steffens. If not, well…” I trail off, placing drachma in his palm. “Tell that greedy Charon I’ll pay your fare.” As my fingers graze his skin, I’m suddenly blinded by a flash of light as a vision takes over…

The Haunted Undertaker, Part I

I let out a loud yelp, stumbling backwards. I’m sprayed with coffee grounds and water as my back slams into the island cabinet. Propped up against my coffee machine is my ancient Greek tragic mask. It stares back at me with its large void eyes and gaping mouth twisted into a permanent frown.

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