Pollux (Tai Le Grice)

Pollux is scribed by fiction writer Tai Le Grice, who has been writing for the better part of her life and currently has two published novels, Esther (Austin Macauley 2018) and Smoke and Water (Cranthorpe Millner 2019). With twins of her own, Tai has a fascination for twin mythology and symbology and also has a profound interest in the Asian philosophies surrounding destinies and fates, in particular, the Red Ribbons of Fate of Chinese mythology, all of which she interweaves into much of her writing and personal beliefs.

Secrets and Revelations

“One moment I was where I usually am, in your thoughts and the next, the next I’m eyeball deep in freaking Zeus!”

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Pohutukawa Dreaming

It represents more than my wahine, my lost Maori love. It represents all that has been lost, all the lives we’ve touched.

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Homecoming, Part I

“Don’t trouble me again, Pollux,” he’d said. “I’ve granted you your favor; don’t ever force my hand to relieve you of it. Stay out of the way.”

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