Tyche (Mary Kit Calesto)

As luck would have it, fantasy fiction found Mary Kit Caelsto through Mercedes Lackey’s companions, which makes sense considering that Mary was a horse crazy girl, who grew up to be a crazy horse lady. She channels this passion into writing women’s equestrian fiction, but returns to her first love with her fantasy series, combining music and magic set in the world of the Musimagium. She lives in the Ozarks on her homestead that she shares with her artist/writer husband, entertaining chickens, enough cats to make her a crazy cat lady, as well as other assorted pets and rescues, including Fortune, the Empress of the Pasture, her senior horse named in part for Tyche’s Roman counterpart, Fortuna. When she’s not writing or enjoying the outdoors, she works as a freelance editor, book formatter, and author technical assistant.

And the Sun Returns

And yet, I had no way of twitching my nose or wiggling my fingers to make lives and bodies whole once more. I felt completely, utterly useless. I also needed to act.

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Moon Over Water

I closed my eyes and savored the smell of salt water in the air. The waves lapping against the shore lulled me into a kind of trance. This place was my refuge.

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Caribbean Blue

My staff, all dressed in silk shirts the same blue as the ocean around my beaches, circulated among them. Some offered refreshments. Others dealt cards and spun wheels.

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