Zeus (Michael Z. Ryan)

Founder | OG | Chief Entertainment Officer Michael Z. Ryan is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter from the incorrectly labeled “Flyover State” of Iowa. Michael has been the voice of Zeus, more or less since October of 2011. Being the scribe of Zeus often has Michael residing in an illegal sublet, purchased by Zeus, under the watchful eye of his Cyclops landlord Steve. Zeus said it was the best he could do for someone with “pinchable cheeks” like his. Founder and Charter Member of In The Pantheon - Original God (OG) #WritingCommunity #ThePantheon

A Godly Windbag in King Arthur’s Court

The world had been a different place, especially for the mortals. It was also incredibly different for the Gods of Olympus. There had been bigger and more intense fights with lives lost, lines drawn. Change. That was the nature of things, change. It just never seemed to happen this fast. He had always been ahead of the curve.

Clutch Performer

“Eurydice was never behind you. It wasn’t real. I wanted to teach you a lesson. We couldn’t, I mean, I couldn’t ever let someone beg me to get a soul back when it’s gone.”

Explosive Offense

“We haven’t been able to get a view inside the facilities as of yet; we’ve been focused on containment. Is there anyone who would have an immediate motive to attack a hard target like this?”

Points in Transition

“Your excellence,” replied the box, “Denmark doesn’t take him seriously, and neither should we. The land grants we have secured by the Danish government are still valid.” The disembodied voice was calm, measured, and in stark contrast to the God of Storms.

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