Balance of Destiny

I looked deep into my eyes and knew this was what I needed to do in order to balance myself, to become Headmaster by day, The Sword at night.

As I set out to reinvent myself, I sat up in bed with my laptop, and began writing a list of what I thought I was good at. I needed to become a better person if I wished to stay in Olympus. I sat with my fingers on the keyboard, staring at the blinking line. The words were on the top of my mind and tip of my tongue. I knew what I was created for. I flipped the drop-down TV on, and was immediately infuriated at the state of the world. Nothing but chaos and destruction reigned.

“War…” I said. “Destruction and war.” I looked out my window for a moment, then headed out to see the others. I realized it was far too early for anyone else to be awake, so I went for a run.

As I reached the 12-mile marker on my watch, I halted and found myself beside a church school. There were children at recess and I thought to myself, All the children in the world will one day grow up and need guidance. It was an idle thought, but it sparked something in me. I’m going to build a school! And a hospital!

The spark ignited a fire within me. I knew what my new purpose would be in order to be welcomed. I would usher in new generations. I ran back to the OA and began meticulously planning a building, courses and learning what I needed to. I’ll tell you this, becoming a Headmaster is no cakewalk. After the courses were set for the school, I felt a sense of exclusion. I didn’t want to help only the children. So I decided to expand the courses into college as well, yet the feeling persisted.

“What am I missing? Is it not all-encompassing?” I mumbled to myself. I stared at the long lists on my laptop and thought about it for hours. I realized it was, in fact, not a school for everyone. There were hobbies and skills I had neglected to plan.

I went to the grounds and examined the size I needed, and what was left. Dozens of acreage remained. I reminisced about the arena that once held massive crowds for the sport of slaughter. I thought about the wars I participated in throughout history. Suddenly, the idea clicked: I needed to add so much more!

I walked and talked with the architects. We discussed what I could bring to the table of the academy. A new list was born. I wanted to add every sport, music, horseback riding, archery, weapons training, combat courses, mechanical shops, and a large area for animals. In thus, Myrmidons Victory Academy was born.

In the passing weeks, I watched as the crews built my dream into reality. Due to timing, I was saddened that I was only able to start courses in the college portion. I had a few people come in for other courses and hobbies, but not much so far. I was all right with that for the moment…I had much to learn about being a Headmaster! The paperwork I’ve had to sign and go over and read is beyond what I planned for.

One night as I returned to the OA, I got the feeling of loneliness, even in the company of family. I thought about how Nike invited me to fly with her. Overlooking the massive city, feeling the wind and bathing in a sense of freedom, I knew I wanted that feeling. I wanted something to call my own, to raise and nurture. I realized I was becoming docile in my return to Olympus.

After days of searching, I found a gryphon breeder in Egypt. The ad read, “For the low price of $75,000,000.00 you can own your own Gryphon.” I knew right then I wanted it and money was no issue. So I flew to Egypt and met up with the trainer. Immediately, something felt off about him; maybe it was me and my reputation. He seemed nervous as he took me to the cages, a fact I was highly disturbed by. I picked out a baby Gryphon, even though he was over seven feet tall at the head. I bought him without hesitation and named him Dynami, Greek for strength. He was beautiful.

I knew I couldn’t keep him in the OA, and he needed room to fly. He wasn’t old enough to saddle up yet. Dynami loved the grounds of the school, specifically the woods to the south. As I watched him fly from tree to tree, I was worried that he might fly away. I glanced up to the sky and the idea slammed in my mind off a dome. That was it! I was not fond of the idea of a cage, but one vast enough for him to be free and sage was something I could live with.

Now let me tell you this, finding someone to build a dome 8000m in diameter is nigh impossible. However, I pulled some sources together from France and found them. They were quick and thorough. The dome was finished and was almost impossible to see. Perfect, in other words. I knew that Dynami would be safe, but I couldn’t help but get the feeling he would get lonely. So, I talked to others who had companions of the same sort.

I knew then that I needed to round off the school grounds with an entire center, dedicated to caring and housing various creatures. I didn’t care about it being a business, only a charitable, safe home for creatures. I named it The Olympus Companions Center! Dynami was thrilled to have company.

After everything was built, something was still missing…for me. I knew deep down what it was: I was going against my very nature. I was constructing instead of destroying. I was giving instead of taking. I was being humble instead of tempered. I felt like I was dying inside. I needed to find a way to balance myself. People seemed to enjoy my company more, but I was growing to feel outside of myself.

One late night, opting to stay awake, I turned the TV on. Again – still – the world is full of darkness. A memory flash of wars ripped through my mind. Suddenly, I knew what I had to do. I would become The Sword once again. This time, I would act on my own accord as a shadow, a nightmare for those that prey on the innocent. I would become what I’m meant to be. There would be no mercenary and no mercy.

After having a new stealth uniform created, I began to plot points on the globe of known terrorist cells. I knew the large ones and even some small. I walked over to my mirror and looked myself over. Both swords crossed on my back. My shield bracers were now crafted into narrow bracelets. The cloth on my face shield my identity. I needed to go back to basics, relying on agility and technique.

I looked deep into my eyes and knew this was what I needed to do in order to balance myself, to become Headmaster by day, The Sword at night. The two worlds will never blend. I was ready to go. I turned to the mirror one last time. 

“I am the weapon I am destined to be. I am The Sword.”




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