The grouse festival was a success, and it did help with the distraction I needed, but it was now time to get back to business. I left Scotland with both Iain and Jamie. I knew of Iain’s feelings for me from the way he requested to accompany me. I did not want to think of a partner, at least not so soon after Dinlas. The time we spent together was still fresh in my mind. So, I told him that for now, he was welcome to join me as my assistant. Jamie decided to tag along, and I did not resist. A couple of satyrs would be good to have around with all the work that for the charity foundation. 

Back at the OA building, I introduced Iain and Jamie to my nymphs. Hyale especially seemed excited to meet Jamie. I rolled my eyes every time I saw her giggle at Jamie’s jokes. Iphigenia didn’t seem to care much for their presence, but Britomartis seemed particularly put off by Iain, especially whenever she saw him hovering over me. 

“All the necessary paperwork and legal formalities for the Silver Bow Foundation have been completed, my Lady. We are officially in business,” Iphigenia said with a proud smile.

Aunt Demeter really came through getting everything organized quickly just as she had promised.

“Excellent news, Phi! What’s the update on the women’s shelter? I want it set up as a full-fledged rehabilitation center. And the support staff?” I asked.

“All taken care of, my Lady. We have secured a building in the block next to the OA building. We’ve also hired physicians and nurses, along with the support and administration staff,” Hyale said.

“Good call on the medical crew,” I replied, impressed by their commitment. “I assume the new hires were all thoroughly vetted?” I asked, remembering my recent conversation with Ares.

“Yes, my Lady. They all came recommended by Lady Demeter and Lady Hera.”

“Lady Hera?” I raised an eyebrow and turned to look at Hyale, who was in charge of the recruitments.

“And Lady Demeter,” she added quickly, aware as she was about my history with Hera.

I deliberated a moment about these new hires and their sources. I wouldn’t have worried if they came through Aunt Demeter, but Hera? The Gods know that our relationship has been nowhere near sugary sweet. However, eons have passed since then; maybe it was time for me to accept that things were not too bad at the moment. Moreover, she has been helping other members of the family. I decided to let it pass for now.

“Alright. I will speak with Ares about a couple of security guards for the shelter. Trustworthy ones, just for added protection when I am not around. Meanwhile, Jamie and Iain will be in charge of security.” 

“Yes, my lady. We’re also working on organizing a fundraiser to attract donors for the charity. We may need to use Nox. Would you like me to speak with Lady Night?” Bri asked.

“Yes, the fundraiser is important and must happen soon. But instead of Nox, let’s use the Olympus National Park. We’ll call it a Weekend Camping Retreat, available only by invitation.” Hyale took notes as I went about my instructions. “No, scratch that, not camping, let’s call it glamping, that’ll catch their attention. Of course, make it as exclusive as you can so every celeb is trying to get in, it’ll increase the donations.”

“Glamping!” the nymphs said in unison and laughed.

“Mortals!” I said, shaking my head and smiling. “Now get working on marketing about the fundraiser and the charity.”

“My Lady, Mistress Moxie taught us about social media the mortals are really fond of, so we can use that to easily spread the word. We have been using it to draw attention to the charity and plan to use it for marketing the fundraiser as well,” Phi said.

“Is that why you three were hooked to your phones all day?” I asked, amused.

“Yes, my Lady,” they replied in unison.

“Well, whatever works. Technology is not my forte, so I leave that to you. As it is, I can barely stand this phone that Father has thrust upon me. Though, I must say it does come in handy at times.”

I thought I heard the ruffling of wings. And right after, I saw our new receptionist, Zoe, a petite mortal with beautiful dark skin, running into the inner office in her six-inch heels and pencil skirt.

“There’s uh there’s uh…a girl, uh, a lady with wings, large wings here,” she said, panting more out of shock than running. “She wants to meet you, Ms. Artemis. She said she’s your sister.”

“Nike? Did she say her name is Nike?” I asked.

“Yes, Miss. She didn’t have an appointment, but she said she must speak with you at once.”

“Show her into my office,” I said and walked to my personal office. “Ladies, why don’t you show Iain and Jamie into the residential quarters on the other side so they can settle in?” 

“We’ll be happy to, my lady,” Hyale replied with a tone of excitement.

Oh, please tell me that bringing the satyrs here with me is not going to be a mistake! I thought.

Nike stormed inside, muttering something, and started pacing up and down the length of my office. Her fists were balled, and I saw her flex her arms as though she was ready to beat someone to death. I watched her pace up and down, waiting for her to calm down enough to speak. 

“Hello, sister, care to share the reason for this display of rage?”

“Oh, sister. I’m only pacing in rage, you may want to do much worse,” she replied.

I raised an eyebrow and looked at her, “What is it, Nike?”

“I have some news and probably the first guest for your rehabilitation center,” she said, putting both hands down on my desk and leaning forward.

Now, she had my full attention. “I am listening.”

“It’s about a young girl, about seventeen. A couple of creeps picked her up from a party. They were older men who target teenagers. Need I say more?”

“And this girl? How’s she now?”

“She’s in the hospital now, in pretty bad shape. The doctors are not sure if she’ll make it and they say she’ll need a long rehabilitation process, both physically and mentally if she does make it, after what she’s been through.”

“The men? Did the mortal cops get them?”

“That’s why I am here. These men are rich, the ones that have the power to manipulate the law; they’re not going to get punished. Indeed, they’re already out on bail. This girl is from a low-income family. They are not going to be able to do anything for this case,” she said. Her eyes urging me to do what I do best.

“Where can I find these men?”

“We! If we’re doing this, we’re doing it together. And to answer your question, they’re both in London.”

“Fine, together it is, then! Ready to fly to London?” I asked Nike.

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