1001 Nights

It has been a bloody and unexpected war, but the Titans have be returned to Tartarus, and the traitor, Atë, has been sentenced and jailed.
Not since the Titanomachy has Olympus been so tested. And it has been less than a year since we have come home, only to come so close to losing each other yet again.
The theme for the evening is 1001 Nights. Hekate has asked the gods and goddesses to come dressed for an exotic night under the stars. For games and frivolity, to enjoy each other’s company and not take it for granted.

Akti Selínis

“What? NO, Akti!” I closed the distance between us and took her in my arms once more, her eyes filled with confusion and pain. “Artemis, look at me.” I took her face in my hands. “Artemis, you are my HOME…my light.”

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