Balance of Destiny

I looked deep into my eyes and knew this was what I needed to do in order to balance myself, to become Headmaster by day, The Sword at night.

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Secrets and Revelations

“One moment I was where I usually am, in your thoughts and the next, the next I’m eyeball deep in freaking Zeus!”

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Pohutukawa Dreaming

It represents more than my wahine, my lost Maori love. It represents all that has been lost, all the lives we’ve touched.

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A New Dawn

He enjoyed the limelight and as such was made famous in books and movies. That was the opposite of what I wanted. I wanted to stay hidden.

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Homecoming, Part I

“Don’t trouble me again, Pollux,” he’d said. “I’ve granted you your favor; don’t ever force my hand to relieve you of it. Stay out of the way.”

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The Sword of the Gods

Ares?” I asked. The thought of saving the God of War from war amused me. She wasn’t mutually entertained.

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