Bringer of Ruin

My name is Atë, the one who leads men astray, the Goddess of mischief and ruin. I am a fallen Goddess, at least that is what I tell myself. It helps lessen the sting of what happened. They say family is everything. Yeah, I would believe that if it wasn’t for the hard lesson I learned so quickly. A simple task she asked and I happily obliged. Hera is the mother of all Gods; who am I to deny her? I wanted to be in her favor, so how could I not? It was simple really to trick Zeus into swearing an oath. He, regardless of his stature, was still a man and men alike bent to me. All I did was help secure that Eurystheus would be born first and it worked like a charm. But boy, does Zeus have a temper. When he found out, he tossed from Mount Olympus and told to never return.

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