Bringer of Ruin

My name is Atë, the one who leads men astray, the Goddess of mischief and ruin. I am a fallen Goddess, at least that is what I tell myself. It helps lessen the sting of what happened. They say family is everything. Yeah, I would believe that if it wasn’t for the hard lesson I learned so quickly. A simple task she asked and I happily obliged. Hera is the mother of all Gods; who am I to deny her? I wanted to be in her favor, so how could I not? It was simple really to trick Zeus into swearing an oath. He, regardless of his stature, was still a man and men alike bent to me. All I did was help secure that Eurystheus would be born first and it worked like a charm. But boy, does Zeus have a temper. When he found out, he tossed from Mount Olympus and told to never return.

There is Always a Price

“That after everything you did, after everything she did, I watched them take her away, and I actually felt guilty.” I stop, raising my head to look at him. It is the first time I admitted that to anyone. Let alone myself. “So yeah, guess my crimes have earned me eternity.”

Date With Old Friends

I silently curse Eros because he knows what he is doing. He is playing with me, like a cat plays with a mouse. He says something to pull more information from another, and back and forth they go. Only I am not a house cat, much less a mouse.

The Devil Is In The Details, Part I

I cut off her sentence as I form right in front of her. Raising a single hand, I gently cup her face and bring a single finger up to my lips, silencing her. “Shh, shh, all you do is talk, that’s all I heard downstairs. I would prefer the screams of the damned over your voice. Please, just stop talking. You see, the problem is that you are all in the way of unfinished business. It’s just that simple.”

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