Starry Eyed

My claim to fame is that I am an astronomist. As in, I invented astronomy. Unfortunately everyone always confuses that with astrology, so no one ever takes me seriously. It is frustrating, but I’ve finally decided to embrace it. I’ve always been one to stargaze and dream, so I’m taking on some new challenges and working on a secret project for NASA. I am also doing a little side research with some interesting partners and developing some badass theories. As cover, I’m using my intuitive side and dabbling with astrology, energy healing, theTarot, and other magical things that are dismissed by most. I’m Urania, the muse of astronomy.

Dead End

With the big move, Athena’s birthday party, the imminent gallery opening, and all of the family drama, I let myself get sidetracked. Too distracted. I needed to make up for it. Maybe not today, but…

In the Cards

The second card displayed the Devil. “The Devil indicates the shadow side. The part of us drawn by materialism, greed, pettiness. It can be a warning to not let yourself get out of control or release your most basic desires.

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