A Star Is Born

“So, Selene,” he said, wagging his eyebrows at me. “How do I get to know you better?” he leaned forward and reached for me.

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Second Line

She can see the men who loved her giving her a fanfare right through the Pearly Gates. And she can see the strangers in the street forming a Second Line, dancing just for her.

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Ask Asteria: Beadtosser

Artemis loved Orion. He was her hunting companion. So many times did I look down from the heights and smile, watching them streak, bright-skinned and fleet of foot, through the woods in pursuit of game.

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It was my first real attempt at making a friend. In the moment it felt nice, but as the week went on, I thought about all of the ways things could go wrong.

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The Condemned

How do you explain quantum theory to a species that still thinks all heavenly bodies move in circles? You dumb things down to their level and hope that they understand the big picture.

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