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Height: 6’0″

Weight: 195lbs (89 kg)

Hair Color: Black hair, just short of shoulder length, combed and gelled straight back. Alternately could be just tousled and uncombed. Rarely, if ever, styled or neatly combed/parted

Facial Hair: Permanent, magical, perfectly even and groomed five-o-clock shadow

Eyes: Black, no reflections, no catchlights. Like staring into a void

Distinguishing Features: No scars, Tattoo – scrolled across the back of shoulders “Nothing motivates like Jealousy & Hate”


Parents: Aphrodite & Ares, unrecognized by either

Siblings: Full blood – Eros, Harmonia, Phobos and Deimos (Twins), Anteros, Himeros; Multiple half-siblings through both Aphrodite and Ares

Spouse: None

Children: None


Felon Retrieval Services, Bail Bond Enforcement aka Bounty Hunters. I am President/CEO and Chief Hunter. We have a floor in the Olympus Administration Building but it is currently empty. We work internationally out of a renovated warehouse several blocks from the OA building in Greece.


Rarely uses the OA residence. More often in my apartment in the renovated warehouse.

Personal Information

General Overview: Aloof, unless he senses he can incite you to anger. Then he will find something and work at it to incite hate. He is the same no matter who he is with. He is motivated by fame, wealth, power, etc. He wants people to be jealous and envious of what he possesses. He is not interested in “small-talk” or banter. When he talks, it’s business, it has a purpose. At least it has a purpose in his mind. Otherwise, he stays quiet. He is a conundrum at times. He spreads hate, but what he misses most is love. Yet every time there is a chance he blows it with his behavior. He just can’t help who he is and how he acts. He is his own worst enemy. His deepest secret is that he is madly in love with Artemis. True to his character and his story he is in love with someone who he will never get to be with. He becomes very quiet around her, nervous and sheepish.

Deity Nicknames: None

Likes: Spending time with his wolves (see below). Quite frankly spreading misery, inciting anger/violence among people. He is very open about the fact that he likes to spread ill will. He is open and honest about who he is and what he does.

Dislikes: Caddy or two-faced people/deities (he thinks if you gossip or act in such a manner you should be open about it, not doing it behind other people’s nack). Also weakness, he finds it vulgar.

Skills / Abilities

Immortality – Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak – Can communicate in all languages and dialects. 

Summon Cerberus – Dinlas grew up in Hades after being cast out of Olympus by his mother. Cerberus and he bonded and were inseparable. In times of severe crisis, Hades has allowed Dinlas to call Cerberus to the mortal world to create mayhem. The key is that Hades will only allow it if he perceives he will get a large influx of souls.

Bodily Form – Dinlas appears the same and does not shift form or shape. Hate always appears the same.

The She-Wolves – Dinlas was gifted two black she-wolves by Loki, God of Mischief (from the Norse Pantheon) many years ago. Dinlas named them Hate and Jealousy, they are his constant companions. They have two abilities. First, they can transform into human form. They appear as two beautiful women. They cannot, however, speak since, though they changed form, they still think and act instinctively as wolves. The second ability is that they can, for short bursts, move faster than the human eye can detect. They appear to teleport but they are actually moving faster than the eye can see.

Battle Wound Healing – Dinlas was once the Guardian of the city of Lamark, where wounded warriors were healed. There he learned from the master healer, Asclepius himself. Any wound received in battle can be healed by Dinlas.

Hand-eye Coordination – Dinlas has impeccable hand-eye coordination. When shooting he rarely, if ever, misses. That also applies to his ability to avoid damage. It carries over into everyday life in any sort of games or skills that require excellent hand-eye coordination.


Dinlas can be moody and sullen at times. These moods can last weeks, months, or in some rare instances years. During these periods he withdraws and cuts himself off from everyone around him. He will do this to the detriment of anything current in his life, ignoring even critical needs.

Dinlas is deeply in love with Artemis. He knows any attempt to act on it would be rebuffed, yet he still can’t help himself. He keeps it to himself because he views it as a weakness, hence a source of shame. He is unsure whether Artemis has ever sensed it. He would be hard put to ever turn her down or not do something she asked him to do.

Dinlas is enamored with material possessions. He enjoys being in a position where others would envy him. He can be swayed to act by the promise of loot or riches.


Normal Daily Wear: Black suit – White shirt buttoned up, vest, black suit coat, no tie. He also wears sunglasses as often as possible since his dead black eyes are discomforting to mortals. May occasionally dress down (e.g. no coat, no vest)

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

M1911’s – Dinlas owns a matching pair of pistols forged by Hephaestus. Anyone wounded by them are struck by paralyzing fear. Hephaestus secretly forged them so they cannot harm any God, Goddess, Muse, or any other Olympian or their agents. Dinlas is unaware of this when he received them.

Sunglasses – Dinlas wears a pair of sunglasses that allow him to see the emotional aura of anyone to whom he is speaking. He uses them to manipulate people.

Historical Synopsis

Dinlas is the illegitimate son of Aphrodite and Ares. Aphrodite rejected him and cast him out of Olympus. Some say because he was the only male, god or mortal, that wouldn’t cater to her beck and call, even as a child. He ended up in Hades where the God of the Underworld took pity on him and let him stay there. Dinlas grew up angry and alone. In time Hades realized the anger and hate in him so he sent him to the mortal world to be the Guardian of Lamark. Lamark was an ancient city where warriors would go to heal after battle. Dinlas grew to love the city and was close to Asclepius one of the chief healers.

When Ares, his father, discovered the city he was angry. He felt true warriors should die in battle. He went to Dinlas and tempted him with promises of riches and land if Dinlas would turn on the city. Dinlas was tempted and he went to Hades where took Cerberus back to Lamark. Between the two of them they destroyed the city. As the city lay in ruins Ares was pleased, Hades too since he had received many souls. Ares then reneged on his promise to Dinlas. At that point fear and terror ruled the lands and he turned over the spoils of war to his twins Phobos and Deimos. Dinlas had done the deed, killed all the people including his friend Asclepius, and was left with nothing. Dinlas the Guardian was dead, Dinlas the God of Hate was born.

Dinlas is a mythological god who is sparsely covered in traditional Greek mythology compared to other gods of the pantheon. Through research we have written him to be as historically accurate as possible. However Wayne Davids has taken liberties to fill in Dinlas’ story at times as he sees fit.


Introduction Written By Wayne Davids

So, you’re the curious type, are you?  Don’t look surprised, I know that you’ve never heard of me.  You saw my name and picture and thought, “Who in the five rivers of Hades is this guy?”

It’s not surprising.  After my mother, the Goddess of Love, rejected, neglected, abused and cast me out I got very little notice from anyone.  Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.  She has love for everyone she encounters except her own son.  I suppose, that is, if you call ‘love’ constantly being on your back with your ankles in the air.

And my father?  Ares?  He’s no better. Untrustworthy and Arrogant.  When he found out I was helping heal warriors after battle in the city of Lamark he tricked me and destroyed the city.  I can still hear him afterward, “Noble warriors don’t get wounded; they die with honor on the field of battle.”  What a putz.

Anyway, Zeus told me I must come here, to get a job.  We are all to show the mortals through hard work and deeds that the Olympians are still relevant even today.  He says it’s time for me to bury the hatchet with Aphrodite and Ares and make amends.  I’ll gladly bury the hatchet, but without amends.  Those two? I will figure out something for both.

So that’s me.  Dinlas the Forsaken, the Betrayed, the Abused and Neglected.  I have been called the God of Hate and Chaos, but I have no interest in Chaos.  Chaos breeds confusion and that’s Eris’ arena.  I am Dinlas.  I am proud to be motivated by Hate and Jealousy.  I will get my mortal job. I will do my deeds but make no mistake about my motives. I am here to take whatever I want, whenever I want it. 

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