Dream Time With Morpheus, Part II

They began to make peace with their fate as the gas leaked into their hiding spot. The woman began to have trouble breathing.

Occasionally, there are details in dreams that make me pause and wonder if we are not alone. The gods of the pantheon are not aware if aliens exist. We don’t travel to other solar systems and galaxies or speak with extraterrestrial lifeforms. At least not that I am aware of.

I have encountered beings in the dream world that don’t exist on Earth. In the Underworld, there are creatures and spirits that exist nowhere else. But there is nothing otherworldly about them except for their appearance. They exist in another plane, but next to Earth. We are Gaia-bound deities. If I am incorrect, I am sure one of the other gods or muses will let me know.

In my dream travels and visitations with humans, a few have surprised me over the millennia. This writing is the story of one named Gertrude, or Gertie as she liked to be called. She spun dreams I embellished that seemed to be the story of one of her past lives, but on another world! To this day, I cannot verify or question its validity.

The dream was set on a world with a constant goldish tint to the light. Perhaps the planet Mars might look a bit this way, only redder? The buildings in the big cities were huge spires, pointed and tall, climbing so high that they dwarfed all Earth towers. I do not know what they were made of, or how they remained so sturdy, but there they were, stacks of them all around.

There was no racism in this world, but the appearances of most were uniform. The inhabitants of the planet looked like what mortals would call Nordic: tall, blond, and fair-skinned.

Gertie’s husband in this life was a general, and he was preparing to leave to defend against an invading force. The enemy was traveling by spaceship to the golden planet and they were drawing near.

The invading enemy wanted the golden planet for their own. Their world was dying and they needed to claim a new home fast, or extinction was inevitable. This species did not share land. They would not compromise or reach any type of peace with Gertie’s people. The enemy outnumbered them, and it was a lost cause. However, the general had to leave. They both knew it and embraced one another with an immutable passion for the final time.

The tall, blond Gertie and the general loved each other deeply. It was a pairing that humans would refer to as “soulmates”. I watched as Gertie dreamed and tears flowed down her cheeks. The love that she felt for and from this man was so strong. His leaving was like a child being separated from their parent. That comparison is insufficient, but there are no mortal words that can describe the love they felt for each other. The Gertie woman did not want her husband to go, but the general was prepared to do his duty, no matter the cost. They both knew he had to lead their people against the invasion.

Dream Gertie was left behind with a group of people. They planned to hide deep beneath one of the spired buildings, so even if the tower was destroyed, they would be safe in a bomb-proof shelter. When the enemy arrived, they came with thousands of ships, filling the skies.

Now, reader, I know some of you have heard conspiracy theories which claim some of our leaders are secretly reptilian aliens. Perhaps not. It’s entertaining, but outlandish if you are logical and practical. I remind myself, even now, that this dream felt more like a remembering of a past life and not a dream created or inspired.

It was surprising to see them here, but yes, these invaders were reptilian beings who lived in a matriarchal society. The female of the species was bigger, more aggressive, and there was one who served as queen over all. They had a history of invading planets, using them up, and then finding another, and so on.

The queen’s plan for conquering was actually very simple. They would bomb the planet, then the foot soldiers would kill anyone else left alive. If there were survivors after that, they would be allowed to live. The dream (or memory) did not provide the details of what would become of any survivors. Would they be given a place on the planet to live or would they become slaves? Unknown.

The invaders pummeled the surface of the golden light spire planet with bombs and weapons launched from the ships in the sky. They continued their assault for days until everything looked annihilated.

A couple of days passed before the foot soldiers began arriving. They wore a type of backpack, it looked similar to the CAMELBAK hydration packs the military wears on Earth, but instead of water, it was filled with poisonous gas. A small tube snaked out with an attached nozzle so they could spray the gas into smaller spaces.

The enemy eventually found the bunker where the dream Gertie was hiding. She, along with the rest of the group, was frightened and they all knew their lives would soon be over. They had nowhere else to flee, and the enemy did not take prisoners at this point in their campaigns.

They began to make peace with their fate as the gas leaked into their hiding spot. The woman began to have trouble breathing. They all began to succumb to the gas. The woman could no longer breathe and as she died, Gertie jerked up and was wide awake. She remembers the dream in vivid detail decades later. Anytime she thinks of the couple and their love for each other, her eyes well up with tears.

She continues to think of this as a remembered life on another planet. I don’t know what to believe. Most humans forget their dreams almost as soon as they rise from their beds. Sometimes when they have a lucid dream, they will remember it clearly for years. As a god, it gives me something to think about even now.

Could Gertie have lived a past life on another planet? Maybe millions of you have. I have not encountered a dream so specific about life elsewhere. Of course, mortals dream of little green men or the popular big-eyed aliens that are on t-shirts and bumper stickers. I mentioned the conspiracy theories about reptilian aliens possessing our leaders’ bodies. All of this may seem like a fantasy or science fiction nonsense. However, the experience struck me as something a little bit more than just a dream. I am not perfect, so perhaps I simply saw what I wanted to see because it intrigued me.

Now tell me, have you dreamed of anything like this? Do you believe in aliens from another planet? Do you think they might be watching us now, from a place where even the gods do not see? Until next time, keep dreaming, and send me tales of your dreams. Good night.

Morpheus (Shelly Teems)
Shelly Teems is the pen name for a blogger and writer. She is an avid reader and has been reviewing books since 2015. Her personal blog has been up and running since 2017. She recently published a short poetry collection called “Heart Full of Skeletons,” which is free at Smashwords. She is a member and supporter of Twitter’s #WritingCommunity. She loves cats, vampires, pizza, writing #vss365 at Twitter, and making people laugh.
Morpheus (Shelly Teems)

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