Erato’s Misadventures – A Goddess’ Desire

Heat flowed throughout my body, starting from my center and radiating through every cell. I felt desperate and anxious and kept feeling the whisper of his lips against mine.

“And stay away from Zeus, he doesn’t need any help!” I slammed the door on my way out hoping I could hold it together long enough to teleport away from Erato. It was…difficult, though. Normally, teleportation for a God barely required the breath of a thought and you were where you wanted to be. When you can’t catch your breath though, it takes some serious concentration. Thankfully, I’ve had millenia to strengthen my willpower.

My hands squeezed into fists, my heart pounded loudly in my ears, I bit my lip and concentrated. When I opened my eyes, I was back in my office. Letting out a shaky breath, I placed my hands on my desk and leaned forward, letting my desires flow through me, hoping that was all I needed.

If Erato could affect me like this, it was no wonder Nike was so overwhelmed. Heat flowed throughout my body, starting from my center and radiating through every cell. I felt desperate and anxious and kept feeling the whisper of his lips against mine. I pressed my fingers to my mouth to try and erase the memory, but the pressure just sharpened the feeling.

My fingers tingle as they remembered the silky skin on his hard chest. My teeth ached to bite into the flesh. I groaned loudly and slammed my fist onto my desk. I was getting worse, not better, and I needed a release. I glanced at the couch and a brief vision of myself splayed out naked on it flashed through my mind, tempting. No, this isn’t something I can handle on my own.

There was only one thing for me to do and I didn’t have much time before I lost control. I took a deep breath and gathered my strength for my teleportation. 

“The accounts are filling with more funds now that you’ve added – “ 

I opened my eyes and saw a short man with glasses look upset at being interrupted. There was a small gasp of surprise from a woman sitting next to him and two men behind him cleared their throats and looked decidedly uncomfortable. It seemed I was interrupting a financial meeting. I didn’t care.

Zeus was sitting behind his desk looking deliciously regal. He looked at me with a frown on his face, his mouth opening to yell at me for disturbing him. He paused when he saw me, though. My chest was heaving, eyes wild. “Hera, what’s wrong?”

I could feel the mortals in the room being affected by my desires and heard them shifting around uncomfortably. I had difficulties finding my voice though and just stared at my husband begging him to know what I needed. He did – a benefit of being married for so long.

I took quick strides towards him, unbuttoning my blouse as I went, the yearning in me so strong that I was starting to draw blood from biting my lip. I felt my desire hit him and lost all sense of time. Thankfully, he had enough sense to teleport the mortals out of the room. I didn’t care, though.I was desperate for his touch, his taste, his hunger. My mind shut down and all I felt was desire. I reached for him with my aching mouth and trembling hands. Zeus met me, touch for touch, and as our bodies collided I had one last coherent thought – I should visit Erato more often.

Hera (CJ Landry)

Hera (CJ Landry)

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Occasional writer, often wanderer, horrible speller, broken thinker, incessant lover of all things ineffable, neutral evil and serious about it. CJ Landry is a suspense writer who is fascinated by the different ways to torture and kill someone. She is a professional throat puncher, benevolent ducktator of #DuckTwitter, and a #DumpsterWriter. She’s also deathly terrified of sharks because those fuckers will one day evolve to breathe on land and eat everyone.
Hera (CJ Landry)

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