Erato’s Misadventures – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

If you have ever seen ‘the wave’ happen during a sporting event, I can confidently tell you that it was almost exactly like that inside my little Nox, except there was a lot more skin and dropping of clothing.

Nox was pleasantly busy the evening everything went to Hell in a handbasket.

The Olympus location of Nox is mostly a small square of advertising for its home location, currently sitting in London, but it piques the interest of the local mortals. And along with bringing in a small cash flow from them, it also gives those with the keys a small sanctuary of peace, if need be. I am only too happy to let in those who deserved or earned my keys, though it has only happened once so far. 

It was on this night that I found myself lounging at Nox with my head bartender, Mateo, another lost person staring into their drink and looking for inspiration. My mind had been wandering on a certain god that I had not seen hide nor scale of in a millenia, and I was musing over the best way to speak with him; well, if I even should speak with him. I was still married, if only in law. Erebus has never seemed wholly interested or invested in me or my ventures, no matter the love or care I present him with. Even in the throes of passion, it is more likely for him to take off somewhere than stay and shower with me. I am the Goddess of the Night, the firstborn of Chaos. I will not be shunned for someone’s misplaced ego and pride, hmph. But, I digress.

I was trying out a new drink Hestia had mentioned called the Black Opal, when it all began. I had looked up over the crowd as a mere glance of interest, only to have my gaze fall upon one of my younger waitresses. She was pretty, I suppose: long, curly brunette hair, her skin tanned from the Grecian sun, and pouting lips that always smiled at the wealthiest customers. She was definitely flirting with a patron, close enough to one another that her hip touched his, and they were exchanging words rapidly. I had no rules about our staff flirting it up with patrons or anything like that, as long as consent was there – Nox was about letting the soul free without judgment, and as long as my staff fulfilled their duties, they could entertain the patrons as they saw fit (it helps that they usually get much better tips as well, but I don’t take them – they earned that). However, with these two, it was like watching a very short film, and an abrupt one at that: one moment, they were eyeing each other like first-time lovers; the next, the waitress’s serving tray was tossed aside, along with her panties, and the patron was taking her over to one of my plush couches. 

I could say I was angry, but that’d be a lie. Perhaps someone else would be upset that mortals took to sex in public, but it bothered me none. And apparently not my other patrons, either.

Before I could even rise from the bar, one of my striptease boys dropped to his knees before his customers, both men well into their fifties, but most certainly what mortals call ‘silver foxes’. His coworker joined him a moment later.

Dearest mortals and deities alike, there is very little in all the realms that can surprise me anymore, but this evening was most certainly one of those times. If you have ever seen ‘the wave’ happen during a sporting event, I can confidently tell you that it was almost exactly like that inside my little Nox, except there was a lot more skin and dropping of clothing. To have an entire building suddenly erupt into a mortal orgy is quite the landscape that I am sure I do not need to paint, though I would very much love to.

Thick strobe lights fell over entwined legs, hungry mouths, and teasing fingers. I took my drink, leaving the suddenly preoccupied Mateo with a very handsy bartender, and began wandering the room. I believe the mortal word is ‘voyeurism’, but the gods have been watching them since they were created – this time is no different. I observed the wild coupling, the passionate sounds that emitted from all around me, nearly overriding the throbbing bass line that was playing over the speakers, and an abrupt jolt in my navel had me wanting to fly far, far towards the coastline and find him – Tartarus been damned if he says anything about it to me, when all I want is someone on my playing field, and he is worthy of me and much, much more –

This was obviously someone’s influence – mortals aren’t generally prone to just falling in lust so quickly and so publicly without some kind of previous motivation or inhibitor, and it’s powerful enough to have me wanting to act with abandonment. My first thought was Aphrodite, but she wasn’t this flashy about it. Not her style. When I turned the corner to step through my VIP lounge, my eyes fell upon what I can only describe as a throne of sex – and the conductor of this lusty mess. 

Erato, the muse of lyric poetry, was naked and seated upon a high back chair, a woman in each hand, quite literally, their wrists bound behind their backs. Between and beside them was a mix of men and women, tongues licking and exploring while their hands did the same. It was impressive, to say the least, and erotic to say the most. Erato eventually noticed me standing in the doorway, and the languorous smile that played on his face was priceless.

Just as I started towards him, the blaring sound of sirens and shouting erupted throughout the building. I rushed back to the front entrance to find a dozen or so officers pushing their way inside the club, batons and Tasers drawn. Their appearance shocked the patrons back to their senses, for the most part, as they scattered. 

“Excuse me! This is my establishment, and I demand to see your warrant for being here!” I shouted at them, which made a few of them hesitate. Their captain came up to me, a brave look on his face, though I could see the fear in his eyes.

“Ma’am, we had several phone calls in for noise complaints and potential domestic, uh, violence…” His eyes were wandering over the naked bodies that were scrambling to get clothing on their bodies, and I had to hide my amusement.

“This is a high-end, exclusive club, not some back alley drivel. We hold our staff and patrons to the highest standards, and that includes their behavior.” I had to give this mortal credit, my glare made Erebus cringed sometimes, but this one was doing his best to stay tall.

“Ma’am, we’re just doing our duty here, we’re not here to question your business,” he started, but I was not about to be lectured by a mortal. I drew myself to my full height, and he finally shook.

“You do your job, Mr Officer. But if one person in this place comes to harm under you or your men, you will be hearing from my lawyer, and trust me when I say I have the best.”

I didn’t bother sticking around to hear his reply, I already felt like dropping him through the roof for his ignorance, and I didn’t think adding a body count to the situation would help – that was too much like Hera’s temper. I knew what would happen to Erato, and I’d be seeing him soon enough after this.


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