Erato’s Misadventures – A Walk in the Park, Part II

The water droplets shimmered on her bare chest. They joined to run in rivulets across her flat stomach and from there continued down into the pool. The water ran down her like the waterfall outside. Her body glowed and glistened with sensuality. I stared at her, dumbfounded.

I eased myself slowly into Artemis’ dark, narrow crevice. It was tight, but I managed to push inside. I pulled through to the other side and then stopped.

The waterfall outside was beautiful. But I was in no way ready for what I saw here.

The crevice behind the boulder twisted and opened into an enormous cavern. It was the size of the Coliseum in Rome. In fact, the Coliseum could easily fit into this cavern. The walls and ceiling were covered with moss and lichen that gave off a glow. But that wasn’t the only light source. Across from us, several hundred feet away, the roof of the cavern had caved in to form a jumble of rocks and boulders on the floor. From outside, the last sunlight was shining through the mammoth hole and reflecting discordant off the cave walls. It further sparkled across the top of a tremendous pool of steaming water in the center.

Stalagmites and stalactites dotted the room. Some were eons away from touching each other. Others, connected into thick columns, had fused together millenia ago. Colors swirled and layered the walls. Red, gold, yellow, and orange ran solo as well as in collaboration around the cavern and striped the floor as well.

Artemis enjoyed my stunned face for a few seconds before she whispered, “This is one of my well-hidden temples here at Olympus. It is equally breathtaking at night when Selene is shining through the roof in her glory.”

I swallowed and replied, “I’m sure it is.”

She moved closer and faced me. “You are the first man in ages that I have even considered letting enter my temple.”

I blushed at the innuendo. As I looked down at her, I brushed the back of my fingertips along the sides of her face. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly.

She stood still, enjoying the touch. Then, without warning, Artemis pulled my arm down and raised on her toes to kiss my neck. When I looked at her, I no longer needed magical sunglasses to know what she was feeling. Head tilted back, face flushed, her breaths were quick and shallow. I kissed her back in earnest. After a moment, she began fumbling with my shirt. Our mouths broke apart long enough to pull it over my head. She paused and touched a centuries old scar on my chest. We kissed again and she let her hand trail down across my abdomen to my hip. Moments later, she was fumbling with the clasp on my belt. She was having trouble with it. When I reached down to help her, I realized her hands were trembling more than mine. I squeezed her hands as she continued kissing me.

“Artemis…Artemis,” I said, somewhat muffled since her mouth was pressed against mine.

She finally broke contact and panted, “What?”

I took her hands to my mouth and kissed the backs of them. “Are you sure this is what you want? I don’t need this to be in love with you.”

Artemis shook her head. She looked confused, and a jumble of emotions played across her face. She wrenched her hands free from mine, took a step back, and tugged her dress from the bottom. The material gave, and easily slipped off her one shoulder. I held my breath for a moment as the neckline paused just above her breasts. Then, with another forceful tug, the little white dress was on the ground, around her ankles. I just stood numb, no longer fiddling with my belt buckle. Her breasts were exquisite. Firm, pointed, and erect, they beckoned to be touched. Her skin was radiant. It glowed with a warmth all its own and brooked no blemish. A strong contrast to my many scars and unhealthy pallor. She was wearing the briefest of thongs, but not for long. She bent over and slowly worked it, side to side, down her toned legs until she stepped and kicked it to the side. 

I stood mesmerized.

She smiled at my obvious look of appreciation. Then she raised her hands and liberated that thick mane of hair. Until now, it had been held captive. When freed, it cascaded down her back and across her shoulders.

She shook her hair out, then pointed to the clear pool of water in the center of the room. “It’s heated.” she said. “It circulates deep down. It is heated and purified by Mother Gaia with an inferno hotter than the forge of Hephaestus. By the time it reaches us, it is cooled to the perfect temperature.” She turned and walked away from me. Her body was enthralling. Muscular shoulders, arms and back from archery gave way to a petite waist. From there, her hips and tush were round, curved, and perfect. Not exaggerated curves, but certainly enough to entertain no doubt that this was the Goddess of Fertility. Her tone and slender thighs gave no jiggle as they led down to her calves and dainty feet.
I stood mesmerized.

She descended down a short set of rough-hewn stone steps into the pool. Her movements were light and she walked on her tiptoes. I watched, unblinking, as she waded out in the pool. She was now hip deep in the water. She ran her hands lightly across the surface. Then Artemis threw a look over her shoulder.

“I know you made reservations at Scala Vinoteca, but I think I’d rather like to skip dinner tonight. That is, if it’s okay with you.”

I stood mesmerized. 

After a few seconds, I did manage to nod it was okay to skip dinner. I didn’t want to say a word. I was sure if I spoke, I would wake from another cruel dream from Morpheus. Artemis lowered herself. She baptized her whole body into the heat and the wet of the private lagoon. Her head tilted back, so that when she came up, her hair was slicked down her back. Every inch of her dazzled with radiance. The water droplets shimmered on her bare chest. They joined to run in rivulets across her flat stomach and from there continued down into the pool. The water ran down her like the waterfall outside. Her body glowed and glistened with sensuality. I stared at her, dumbfounded.

“Dinlas…Dinlas?” she startled me out of my trance and held out her hands. “Please join me, Dinlas. The water is heated, but I still feel cold. Come warm me up.”

I stood mesmerized no more. 

With a shove, I forced my slacks down over my thighs. I didn’t bother to unclasp them or the belt. With my shirt already on the floor, I was fully disrobed in seconds. I saw her smile with approval at my form as I advanced on her. I was like a predator stalking a willing prey.  Down the rough hewn stone steps, into the pool, I took her in my grasp. There were no more doubts, or wondering, or thoughts of carnal Estrella. I could think…I could only think…of this irresistible goddess. This goddess who I loved for so long and now beckoned to me. She motioned for me to come to her, so she could love me back. I grabbed her roughly and pulled her into my arms. Her body was so tone, so slippery and wet from the pool. Despite the water and her claim to be cold, Artemis was on fire. She felt amazing against me and I kissed her fiercely. She threw one arm around my neck and responded in kind. After a minute, I couldn’t keep my hands still, and began running them up and down her body. She shivered.

“Uh..uh…” she gasped out, muffled because my mouth was pressed over hers.

I then felt her shift her body so that her pelvis rested against my thigh. She had each of her legs wrapped gently around mine. She sighed as she began to grind, almost imperceptibly, against me. With her free hand, she reached down below my waist. I felt a firm grip as she took hold of me.

“Wait, Art…Art. What are we doing? You can’t, we can’t do this,” I gasped as I struggled to regain control of myself.

She’s Artemis,” I thought, “The Virginal Goddess of the Hunt. You will betray her and every mortal who’s ever worshipped her.

Artemis looked up at me, her eyes were half open, the lids looked heavy. Her face and chest were flushed. Those lips looked like they were burning. Without breaking our gaze, Artemis began methodically working me. Back and forth, she pulled and tugged as she stared straight into my eyes.
“What? What can’t I do, Dinlas?” she whispered up at me.

“I…this…” I groaned softly. I was rendered helpless as she continued to soundly work me with her delicate hand.

She pulled my head down with her other hand and nibbled on my earlobe. Before she let go, she flicked her tongue across it several times. I shivered from the sensation.“Dinlas, I am no one’s goddess but my own. If I choose to be here, like this, with you, it is because that is my desire. My gifts are mine to give, at the time, and with the person of my choosing.”
I tried one last time, “But you…you’re the…”

“Sshh, stop thinking about my protecting my virtue.” she interrupted, “start thinking about pleasuring my body.”

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