The muse had asked me to meet him at Nox once more. I thought it was quite bold of him, having only just been let out of jail, bless Demeter. The officers had, as I had threatened, not harmed a single person and most of them had been released the following morning after spending a night in the drunk tank, like Erato. He had sent me a text message asking for a meeting, and my amusement got the better of me. If he was coming to grovel, I might as well look the part for it.

Nox had been cleaned up by my faithful staff, and I had given a day off to the waitress who had started it all – I felt bad that she might have come in to have her coworkers giving her the side eye for “creating” this mess to begin with. They’d forget by tomorrow – but Erato wouldn’t.

I chose to use my true self today, since the club was empty. I wore a sheer black dress that fell to my thighs, and gold strappy stilettos that practically glowed against my dark skin. It was good to stretch my wings again, which I did while waiting for Erato to arrive, and made a note to myself to do so more often. The lighting gave them a purple hue over their void black, gold tips glinting beautifully, and I tucked them against my back as Mateo opened the front door.

Erato looked like he hadn’t slept very well, but that was to be expected. I was pleased to see his eyes widen when he spotted me waiting for him by the bar.

“Mistress Nyx.”


I turned away, fanning my wings as an invitation for him to follow me. I led him back to the VIP lounge, where I first saw him within his fleshy throne. He seemed to remember this as well, as he winced slightly when we walked by the table. I seated us near the back of the lounge, Mateo already there to take our orders. 

“Wine for me, dear heart. You know what I like. Erato?” I wondered if he would go for water, but he decided to go for whatever I was having as well. Mateo left us alone, and the muse squirmed a bit more.

“How was your time in jail?”

“Mistress Nyx, please. I did not come for you to toy with me. I came to apologize, and hoped for a discussion.”

I didn’t expect such candor from the muse of lyrical poetry, and my face likely said as much, as Erato looked down at the table as he spoke.

“My Lady, I’m not sure what’s happened to me, but my inspiration, it has been…”

Mateo arrived with our drinks at that moment, a puzzled look on his face at the scene before him. “Lady Nyx, do you require anything else from me?”

“You’ve been lovely, but all I need is for you to ensure no one enters the lounge until we leave.”

y handsome bartender took my command and left, locking the lounge doors behind him. I shifted in my seat, dress riding up slightly as I crossed my legs. Taking a sip from my glass, I gestured to Erato carry on.

“As .. I was saying, I need your help. My inspiration, as you know, has a particular effect on people.”

“Yes, I saw that quite blatantly the other night.” He nodded, and had the decency to look slightly embarrassed.

“But that’s just it, my Lady. It’s not supposed to be like that.” Erato took a long drink from his glass. “My abilities, for lack of a better word, are meant for a person or perhaps a couple, and if I am particularly keen, maybe a small group. But to have an entire building become this… this whirlpool of erotic energy like that? It’s…it isn’t right, my Lady. And I was hoping you had some ideas on how to fix it.”

I let us sit in silence for a few minutes as I contemplated Erato’s story. He truly looked distraught over this, and while an enormous orgy sounded like fun, it felt like it should be more at home in the woods with perhaps a satyr or two, and not a nightclub in the middle of Olympus – and no one is asking Zeus.

“How long has this been going on?”

Erato chewed the inside of his cheek. “Not that long, maybe a few days? Enough to irritate me to no end, and I do love a good romp now and then.” He sighed and rubbed his face vigorously. “I’d ask Aphrodite or Peitho, or hell, even Zeus, but…” He shrugged and I understood – they were fonts of knowledge, but nothing that could hold a candle to me.

My thoughts were becoming fuzzy, and I hadn’t noticed until I took another drink. Him again…I tried to shake it off, focusing on whatever he was saying now about previous experiences, but my attention kept being drawn to the one button atop his shirt that was undone, and wondering what was underneath it. My gaze roamed his body hungrily, and though I tried to tear myself away from the feeling, it beckoned like a siren to a sailor.

“What about an outlet?” I had cut him off mid-sentence, and he stared at me blankly.

“An outlet, my Lady? What do you mean?”

“As in a place to set all that excess energy, like a battery or a solar panel. If the storage unit was equipped to handle such power, it should leave you feeling more balanced as before.”

Why was I referring to myself as a storage unit? I’d give Erato hell for this later.

“My Lady, I’m not really sure…” Erato’s voice was growing darker, for contrary to what he was telling me, everything else about him said he knew exactly what I meant. I watched him undress me with his eyes, and sat a little straighter and forcing his line of sight to my chest. I leaned across the table, resting a hand under my chin with a wicked grin.

“Don’t play coy with me, muse. Will you deny a Primordial their request?”

Erato knew damn well he wouldn’t deny me anything, but he struggled to back up. “My Lady, do you not have… someone in your life? Or am I mistaken?”

Erebus crossed my mind fleetingly, before I tossed the entire image out the window. “Erato, what I do with my time is my business. And I am spending it with you here, right now, alone.”

I rose from my seat and stepped around the table, Erato matching my movements like the practiced artist he was. I could appreciate his talents, especially now. We stood barely a foot apart, electricity almost tangibly jumping between us.

“Don’t make me ask you again.”

I don’t remember how quickly we undressed one another, nor how we ended up on the lounge stage, my wings fanned out in pleasure. I remember how hot Erato’s touch was as he explored sacred territory – me. I remember his tongue and sharp smile made my body crave more until I thought I knew what madness was, truly. I don’t remember how many times we fed off each other, though my body tells me it was more than five. Nor do I remember Mateo peeking in at the beastly noises only to find us entwined in a booth, and him leaving us with a smirk. It is not often I am gifted with the chance to be shown, truly, a good time – this was one of them.

When we were finally spent, or at least Erato was, we lay back on the stage, gathering our breath and thoughts, my wings laid out beneath us. When I turned my head towards Erato, a fluttery laugh left him.

“Mistress Nyx, I…I have never laid with one of your kind, and please excuse my language but…” 

He turned to look at me, eyes sparkling. “That was fucking amazing.”

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