Erato’s Misadventures – Who Dun It?

Giving Nike a wet dream was childish and no one hated her enough to stoop that low. It was almost as if it were done on accident. “So who has the power to do something like that accidentally?”

I threw the door to my waiting room open. “Aphaid, come with me. I need your assistance on a matter of some import.” They got up and followed me into my office, closing the door softly behind me. I stalked to the other side of my office and swung around as if to pounce. Aphaid calmly sat on the couch with a notepad open and ready to take notes.

“I’m having a crisis, Aphaid. My daughter, Nike, came to me distraught by a wet dream she never should have had, and I need to figure out who put those thoughts into her head. Normally, I would automatically jump to Morpheus, but the idea that he did this doesn’t sit well with me.”

“I would think Lord Zeus would be the best option for this discussion, my Lady.”

“Yes, he is the best option for most things, Aphaid, but my husband is busy at the moment and if I don’t figure this out soon, I may explode some buildings in frustration. So pay attention and take notes. Quietly.”

I crossed my arms and started pacing quickly. “The only other God that immediately comes to mind is Aphrodite. This is something she would no doubt do, but I haven’t seen her around lately – something about finding her husband. Pah!” I sneered at the thought and waved my hand dismissively. “No, we can cross her off our list, too.”

Aphaid wrote Aphrodite’s name under Morpheus’s on the left side of the notepad and waited for me to continue.

I tapped an impatient finger on my lips. “Why am I having such a difficult time figuring this out? What did Nike tell me?” I paused my finger tapping and crossed the room a couple of times, thinking. “She said she took some flowers from Chloris, saw Artemis, Nyx, Peitho, and…oh, who was that last God she saw?”

Aphaid wrote a few things on their paper and looked up at me. “The Goddesses Chloris and Peitho can be discounted, as this type of dream is outside of what their normal powers are.”

“I agree. Continue.”

“The Primordial Nyx might do something like this, but I don’t think she would. It doesn’t seem…as something intricate enough for her. Giving the Goddess Nike a wet dream is something, if done on purpose, spiteful almost. Like a child lashing out for being punished.”

I contemplated what Aphaid was telling me and had to agree. Giving Nike a wet dream was childish and no one hated her enough to stoop that low. It was almost as if it were done on accident. “So who has the power to do something like that accidentally?”

Aphaid pulled their phone from their pocket. “One moment, my Lady, and I will find out.” Four minutes later they said, “Erato.”

“Gods damn him!” I flung my arm out in anger towards my windows and shattered the top most layer of them. “How dare he do that to her! He knows better! I swear, if he did this on purpose, I will punish him worse than Prometheus ever was.”

I growled and stormed out of my office. My mind and body thinking one thing and one thing only. Erato needed to be punished. I snarled and growled loudly as the air displaced around me and I teleported outside of Erato’s classroom.

Hera (CJ Landry)

Hera (CJ Landry)

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Hera (CJ Landry)

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