Know Your God

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 175 lbs.

Hair Color: Dark brown almost black, naturally unkempt, messy waves

Facial Hair: A little scruff

Eyes: Brown, with flecks of green and yellow.

Distinguishing Features: White wings, edge in black that disappear when in presence of mortals, black symbol tattoos that cover his chest and shoulders, physically fit


Parents: Chaos (mother- no physical form) No Father 

Siblings: (In birth order) Nyx, (Erebus), Gaia, Tartarus, Eros


Thanatos, Apate, Aether, Hemera, the Keres, Moros, the Moirai, the Hesperides, Dolos, Nemesis, Oizys, Oneiroi, Momus, Philotes, Eris, Geras


Owner and Operator of Erebus After Dark. Erebus DeeJay’s high profile festivals. You’re not just hiring a DJ but an experience. Shows include aerial artists/performers, fire dancers, pyrotechnics. Business location is primarily in the Olympus Administration Building.


Olympus Administration Building, Olympus Complex, Greece. Erebus has private hideways, dark caves if you will, where he retreats to when he wants to be left alone.

Personal Information

General Overview: Erebus is generally reserved and composed. But at times he can be quick tempered. He will distribute his anger quietly and swiftly to those who cross him.

Erebus can get in moods where he wants to be left alone for days if not weeks, so to most God/dess he appears to be a loner. As a primordial he has his wife, brothers, sisters and children and that is more than enough for him. His new job as a deejay gives him all the mortal and godly interaction he can stand. His life as a fun loving deejay is a persona he puts on just for the mortals. He will not stray from character when in their presence.

He is loyal and protective to those who are close to him. No matter how much Nyx may play on his nerves, Erebus has always been faithful to her; Erebus would never even think of touching another Goddess. However a few immortals have been known to show Erebus a good time every now and then. 

Nicknames:  Big E, DJ E, DH Big E

Likes: Reading history books and noting where his interference with mortals has played a part in society. Erebus prefers driving over flying. Has a love for fine art- in particular Picasso’s Blue Period, and Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. Wine. Most Gods don’t even know this, but Erebus loves to surf; when he takes off for months at a time you can usually find him in a tube off the Australian coast. Erebus has a guilty pleasure of binging old episodes of popular TV series from the 90’s as well as Supernatural. 

Dislikes: Large crowds (after performing of course), whiney Gods. When history books get shit wrong. FOX News and their fake news.

Flaws / Weaknesses


Skills / Abilities

Immortality Erebus is technically immortal. He is immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak Erebus can communicate in all languages and dialects.

God of Darkness & Shadows– As the God of darkness and shadows Erebus has the ability to control and manipulate shadows, causing one’s worst nightmare to come true. He plays on ones thoughts and uses their imagination striking fear and paranoia into even the strongest of souls. Immortals are not immune to his abilities.

Limited Shapeshifting – Erebus appears as an ordinary human when on the mortal plane. This permits him to blend into the illusion and persona he has created known as the mortal DJ E. When in the presence of immortals and only immortals Erebus shifts into God form, wings unbound. 

Mental Release – Mortals may not know where their dark, unimaginable thoughts come from, but Erebus does. After decades of carefully speaking your mind, Erebus is breaking the locks mortals have put on themselves. The opposite of mind manipulation, Erebus is releasing mortal’s minds to be free to speak how they really feel; allowing their dark sides to come forward. Now let’s see what they really mean by free speech.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear: Erebus is a man of style. He will never leave the OA Building unkempt. Always up on the latest mortal trends, even if he doesn’t agree with them, he will be sporting it better than the most popular male mortal. Erebus likes to blend in and be “unseen”.

Alternate Dress Wear: While in the confines of his offices or hiding spots, Erebus will be dressed all in black, always. 

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Black hole Ring Gifted from Chaos, Erebus never takes this ring off. The powers within this ring are terrifying to anyone, mortal and immortal alike. If you think the crypts of hell are scary you haven’t been thrown into a black hole and lived to talk about it.  Its magic is the ultimate weapon to banish anyone at any time. 

Mist of blinding fury As the primordial God that is responsible for all things dark, Erebus only needs to snap his fingers to send his black shadows out. They appear out of nowhere and can drown anyone in a dense fog, rendering any kind of travel unimaginable.

Introduction Written MK Stoddart

So here we are, bowing down to Zeus, doing his stupid “Outreach to the Mortals bit”; like we are apart of some bad reality show. I mean, why should I have to listen to him, why should any of us? It’s not like he was one of the primeval deities or anything. Who was — oh, right me. Erebus. Born from the deep void of Chaos. 

You know that that fear you get when you’re walking down a dark street. ME. Not Zeus. Dark shadows in every cave. ME. That creepy dark corner of the room. ME. That fear of what lies in the dark crevices underneath your bed— again ME. I am the dark mist spread across the evening sky. Some of you confuse me with Hades, but I was before Hades. He modeled his underworld after me. FACT. I taught Hades everything he knows. No fake news here.

Being one of the first five primeval deity’s, I have a big family. You may have heard of my bitch sister, Nyx; she’s around the Pantheon here somewhere. She’s a bit of a glory hog; continually taking credit for having all the power. So, what if Zeus is scared of her. She and I go hand in hand. So really, Zeus should be scared of me. And yeah, we have some family issues that would make you mere mortals think we were disgusting. But as if you have any right to pass judgment on us Gods. Zeus goes around this mountain fucking anything that looks at him. Why should I give two shits for having a few romps with my sister? Now I know you’ll hear the stories that we were in love and married, but give me a break there were only five of us in the beginning. It’s not like I had a tone of choices. I mean after she popped out a few kids— Aither, Hemera, Hypnos, Thanatos, and of course the triplets, Moirae— that does a few things to a woman’s body, goddess or not. At least I didn’t eat my own kids. Some Gods are just dicks.

Then there’s my older sister, Gaia, well don’t get me started on her. She had to go and provide everything beautiful for all you fucking mortals. Had I been around, I would have left you all in the dark, but whatevs.

Speaking of the dark, time for me to go haunt some poor defenseless mortal.

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