The Greeks have eight forms of love, and the gods of Olympus will have to face them all…

Demon in Dreams by Jeanette Rose

Finally, after three thousand years of being apart, Eros, God of Love and Sex, has reunited with his treasured wife. He has all that he could ever want, and everything should be fine, except he can’t sleep. Days and days without rest stack up and he snaps. Will he be able to save his newly returned love from the demons that lurk in his dreams, or will he end up alone again?

Thanatos and The Black Peppermint by Marc Tizura 

Thanatos, God of Death, has always loved peppermint. A long time ago, after a reaping in Paris, he was gifted with a small bundle of heart-shaped black peppermints. They instantly became his favorites. There was no note attached to the package Hermes brought, just a simple tag with the words Made with Love. So who sent it? Who thought highly enough to send him a gift? No one ever had! It became an enduring and treasured mystery in his life. One that he celebrates on Valentine’s Day. His company making hundreds of small black peppermints in the shape of a heart, just as they were gifted to him so long ago.

An Inconvenient Attachment by Amber Albright 

Everything seems to be going well until Erebus goes missing. Soon Atë will learn that old enemies hold grudges a lot longer than gods do. Will she save him in time and finally admit the feelings she has been hiding, or will the Goddess of Ruin lose the one person she can’t live without?

The Greatest Thing That Never Happened To Me by Dan Dolan

The black sheep, the eternal outcast even among the ne’er-do-well Olympians, Eris never fully fit in. This is the story of them finding the first person to ever truly accept them for who and what they are and then losing her. This is the story of Eris’ ruin.

His Nightmares by Alice Callisto 

Clio, the Muse of History, is finally reunited with her soulmate after three thousand years, but something sinister is threatening to tear them apart. Everything is going fine until Clio discovers her husband’s nightmares. Now, she has to free him from the grip of the past or lose him forever.

Hidden Obsession by Jennifer Morton

The scent of a blooming rose…the spray of lasting love. Medusa has an admirer bearing gifts. Are those gifts just a reflection of the sweetest of crushes? Or are they like that fabled horse of old, meant to charm then harm? 

The Return of Justice by JayLynn Watkins

Dikê is summoned back to the world, one far worse off than she left it. Getting caught up on the history was the simple part. The hardest part is adjusting to it. Through connection, love, and passion, she’s offered a chance to bring about Justice without violence. Can a true believer teach an old goddess new tricks?

A Week in Korinth by Natalie Bartley

Amphitrite goes looking for Poseidon after a thousand years of him being missing. When she travels to Korinth, she meets a young woman, a young man, and someone who both infuriates and captivates her. Will Amphitrite help her new companions find peace and happiness, the one thing she’s currently lacking? Will she stay on the surface, abandoning her home? Or will she give up her own chance at love again and return to the cold, lonely depths of the sea?

New Moon Rising by Rashmi P. Menon

After Apollo tricked Artemis into slaying Orion, she had abandoned her twin and sworn off love for eternity. Instead, she chose a solitary life in the woods. An encounter with the Titan of the Moon, Selene, at a party leaves Artemis questioning her decisions. Will Artemis allow herself to experience the strong desire she feels for Selene, an emotion she had discarded all those years ago? Can she finally forgive Apollo and make peace with her loss?

For the Love of Wine by Peter Farmer

When Dionysos is on the move, it is with complete purpose or completely without. On the way to Napa for business, Dion decides to call upon a list of threes. One of the three local vineyards that are on the list will get a surprise like no other. All three have been down on hard times and could use the help, but only one will be blessed. Will Dion make the right choice? And will they welcome an offer that is too good to be true?

Tortured Love by D.M. White

Trusted and revered by his peers and a seat next to the king, life is good for Pro. But it’s not enough. Something is missing, and Pro is willing to pay the ultimate price to find it.

Black Hearts by Moxie Malone

Moxie, Goddess of Metamorphosis, wanders the mortal world seeking connection and purpose. When she helps a struggling young baker feed her family, Moxie discovers that love can be found in many places. Sometimes it’s even found in the darkest of hearts.

Cyrano De Eros by Kelsey Anne Lovelady

It’s not easy being the Goddess of the Revolt. You grow up with high expectations from your warlord father and nosey guilt from your hopeless romantic mother. Having four older brothers doesn’t help matters, especially when one of those brothers is Cupid himself. He’s always messing with your head and getting up in your business. Adrestia thought her brother couldn’t get any more unbearable. But then he finds out that she has fallen in love, despite her best efforts to hide that fact. Oh, well. What could possibly go wrong?

What Price Mortal Love by Teresa Watson

The God Of War is in love with a mortal woman. But a man bent on destroying him kills her, sending Ares and members of his family on the hunt to find the murderer. 

Tales of Duck by Aisling MacKay

All great beings have an origin story. This is Duck’s. He is a small being. He is an adorable being. But within that small adorable package, there exists something that makes him special. Something that makes him worthy of a goddess. Never underestimate the power of courage and heart. 

Immortals Shouldn’t Date by MK Stoddart

It’s been a few millennia since Erebus has felt his heart go pitter patter. He’s almost paralyzed by the thought of having to court someone, nevermind another immortal. He wants everything to go perfectly for his first date with Atë, so who better to ask for advice from but the God of Love…

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