For the rest of the afternoon, I worked on paperwork in my office.  I concentrated as best I could, but I just kept reflecting on the memory of Estrella, bound and squirming, from the other night.  

After closing, Estrella lingered with some work until the rest of the employees had left.  As Cyndi and Markos left, I heard Cyndi stop and offer to help Estrella. “Estrella?” she asked, “Are you leaving now?”

Estrella smiled and replied, “Oh no, dear. I’m just tidying up some things. I have to run some mail up to Dinlas.”

Cyndi glanced at Markos and hesitated for a moment.  She clearly wasn’t sure of how to proceed. She then glanced up and saw me looking down from the iron walkway outside my office.

“Well then,” she said as she flashed a smile to Estrella, “have a good evening.  I hope you don’t have too long, or hard, of a night.” With that comment, they turned and left the building.  Estrella glanced up at me, finished straightening her desk, then climbed the stairs to my office.
“Here’s the mail,” she said as she handed me a bundle. “Oh, and there’s a message from Mr. Zeus.”

“Mr. Zeus?”

“Well, yeah, your grandfather?”

“Sorry, I’ve never heard him called that.”

“Well anyway, he wants you to call him.” She walked over and looked at her own note again, then continued. She began, “He says, and I quote, ‘I want that boy Dinlas to take Phobos and Deimos on a job. I need them to go break both kneecaps on the CEO of the Oklahoma Steak Company’.” She looked up at me as if that was supposed to mean something.

I just looked at her and finally asked, “Did he give a reason?”

She nodded. “Apparently he ordered a pallet of fresh, non-frozen, hand-cut, rib-eye steaks to be over-nighted to the Olympus Administration Building.”

I shrugged. “So, lemme guess, the steaks never got there?”

“Nope, but close. They accidentally sent him their vegan meat alternative. It’s a mix of tofu, portobello mushroom caps and pureed soybean fiber-pulp.”

I nodded thoughtfully. “I understand now.”

“Anyway, that’s the mail, Dinlas, but I really don’t know if dinner is a good idea.”

I started to protest, but she reached out and took my hand. “Dinlas, I don’t think we should go out.”  She saw me frown and then added, “These other girls are definitely not happy. Even Markos looked upset. They know something has happened between us.”

I shook my head. I was not going to be denied. “No,” I said, “that is no reason to not see one another. They can be unhappy all they want. Besides, it’s just dinner.”

“I don’t know…” she started, but I cut her off.

“Enough. Do you not wish to see me? Is there someone else?” Anger swelled inside me. A completely irrational wave of jealousy swept over me as I suddenly pictured her writhing under another man’s control.  

Where did that come from?  We haven’t even had sex yet,” I wondered. I shook my head. That would have to wait until I felt she was fully trained.

She cut off my thoughts and said, “Of course I want to see you. You’re exciting. I find myself drawn to you. I want to experience so many more things with you. I want to learn from you and I feel I can flourish under your expertise.” She gently pulled me to her, and fiddled with the buttons on my shirt for a moment. When she looked up at me, so innocent, our eyes met. I leaned in. She put her finger to my lips and kissed me a peck on the cheek.

“Come on. Let’s go get something to eat.”

Aargh, this woman is infuriating.

We locked the warehouse and walked to the restaurant. It was an enjoyable meal and I continued to be drawn to her. She wasn’t voluptuous, quite the contrary, she was petite and well proportioned. She had a very plain, but pretty face, by no means ravishing or gorgeous. She just oozed sensuality (or was it sexuality?) and I wanted her. Something about her seemed so chaste, but after our first session, I knew that wasn’t the case. True, it had been cut short by my father’s scavenger hunt for a killer, but still I had learned much about her. At one point, it was like she became possessed by an inner demon. I mean the things that came out of her mouth that night. Once I took the ball-gag out, of course…

Then there was that damned tattoo. In the candlelight of the restaurant, I caught only occasional glimpses of it on her neck. She seemed aware of its effect on me, as she turned her head often and occasionally rubbed it with her hand.  We talked mostly of me. She told me she was from Wales and that she was an orphan who never met her parents. She asked about me and my family. I tried to say as little as possible about that bunch. When we left the restaurant to walk back to the warehouse, she pointed up at the new crescent moon excitedly.

“Look, Dinlas. The Maiden has returned. Soon she will be the Mother.”

I looked up at the moon, then back at her.

“The Maiden? You mean Selene?”

Estrella blushed, then stammered, “Oh, oh, yes quite right. Selene, so beautiful.”

She changed the subject and we talked about work and different things we could be doing better for the rest of the walk. We reached her car and I took both her hands in mine.

“Are you sure I can’t talk you into coming up for a bit?” I asked with a grin as I ran my hands up and down her arms.

She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek again. Before she drew away, she whispered, “Sir, I need a few more days. You should see the marks I still have from the other night.”

I whispered back, “I am trying to see them, but you insist on leaving.”

She smiled and gave my hands a squeeze. “I’ll see you Monday morning,” she replied.

By Zeus,” I thought, “today is Friday. I totally forgot. Now I have to wait until Monday to see her again.

I smiled and opened the car door for her. “See you Monday then.”

She got in, started it, and drove away. I was left standing slack-jawed, watching after her. I just wanted to touch her again so badly. 

Damn you, Peitho. Why have you sent me this mortal? Why have you made me your bitch?”

I sighed, then shook my head and went inside.  Maybe I could take the girls out to Olympus National Park tomorrow and let them get a good run in. I smiled, that would be a good way to get my mind off her. 

Besides, I still need to find that “grow operation” I apparently own, yet have no idea about.

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