Pacing through the courtyard, the grass moved under her feet.  Persephone fidgeted with the edge of her dress, tugging it a little before she exhaled, blowing her hair out of her face.  It had been a long time since she had gone out to do anything fun. Eyes traced up to the sky above as she shook her head in exasperation at herself.  This was the whole point she reminded herself. To live. Have fun. Experience new things. Spring was about change and rebirth and now she was about to move forward with her own rebirth. 

Pausing, she once again smoothed the skirt on her dress before laughing at her own antics. “Come on, it’s not like you haven’t delved into the realm of the unknown before.”  Years of time spent alone in the underworld, she had taken to a habit of talking to herself when she thought she was alone.  

When Selene had last visited, they had wandered through the gardens together,  talking about what they would do come spring. The plan to go out had been like a beacon she looked forward to, that and the visits to Helios made the last few days of winter seem to pass by almost too quickly.  Persephone only hoped she had chosen clothing that fit the club Selene had told her about. 

Selene walked around the corner wearing a short, silver number and stilettos. Her eyes lit up when she saw Persephone standing there waiting for her. “Percy!” she called out, the nickname one she had given her friend over the months of visits to the underworld. “You look amazing!” Taking Percy’s hands, she raised them, taking in her beautiful, pink-flowered number. “It’s perfect! Are you ready?” Persephone smiled and nodded, Selene looked down as she turned to lead the way to her car, and she noticed Persephone wasn’t wearing shoes. “Percy, darling, are you sure you’re ready?”

“Yes, why? I thought you said this was perfect?” she said, following Selene’s gaze. 

“Shoes?” Selene said as she giggled.

“Oh. Sorry!”  She turned and dashed back towards the doors to the god complex, blond hair fluttering behind her.

A few minutes later Persephone returned and they climbed into Selene’s chariot to fly to the airport. “I know it would be faster to go to London in the chariot, but I have been trying to keep it here in Olympus, so we’ll take the jet,” Selene explained to Persephone

Hal, Selene’s private pilot, was waiting for them on the tarmac. They all quickly seated themselves on the plane and Hal took off, landing less than an hour later in London. The ladies continued their conversation as they exited the jet and made their way to Sel’s waiting silver convertible. The wind blew through Persephone’s blonde hair as they drove down the road, a smile creeping across the Iron Queen’s face as the joy of freedom filled her. Sel grinned seeing her friend’s face light up and chuckled a little as she turned back to look at the road. 

The club was one Selene frequented and the owners treated her like she ran the place. To say the ladies were VIPs would be an understatement. 

The sounds of the club filled Persephone’s ears as they made their way past the line, the doorman waving Selene in, to the disappointment of many who waited. Persephone hopped on one foot, then the other as she finished pulling her heels on.  She could feel the beat of the music as if it were in her bones. She held Selene’s hand, letting her friend lead her through the crowd. Everything here was new, wonderful, and a cacophony of beauty, it struck a chord of playfulness she hadn’t felt in years.  

They arrived in a small booth designed to give them a perfect view of the room, and Persephone ordered something simple to start. A light cocktail without the heavy alcohol mortals used to drown out their sorrows.  Persephone’s eyes darted around the room as she watched everyone around her. Singles, couples, and groups danced in joy, celebrating their revelry. It was as if the whole room opened up to call to all that would listen. The people around them were living in the moment and carefree, their faces beaming with pleasure. Persephone leaned over to Selene, trying to whisper, but was quickly drowned out by the heavy bass. She pitched her voice higher to be heard.

“Ok. You were right. I can see how this will be very fun.” The laughter behind her voice conveyed her enjoyment. “I see why you like it.” Her cheeks had warmed, flushing pink underneath her eyes which shimmered with excitement.

The waitress came back over to refill Selene’s whiskey, with a devilish twinkle in her eye she ordered a pomegranate mimosa for Persephone. Selene smiled at her friend as she watched her bounce to the music in the seat beside her. She grabbed her glass and threw her drink back before she grabbed Persephone’s arm and pulled her onto the dance floor. 

The mortals quickly crowded around the two women as they danced and moved to the music. Persephone’s face made Selene laugh as it crinkled in response to the crowd of people suddenly around her. Selene relaxed and felt the auras of the mortals, smiling as she watched her friend begin to ease a bit more. 

After a few songs, Persephone wanted a break and they wandered back to their booth. They sat down and had a few laughs while drinking their drinks. “So, Percy, what do you think?” Selene asked, nodding her head at the drink she had ordered her friend. 

“I like it,” Persephone replied, taking a sip, “It’s pomegranate, right?” 

Selene nodded. “And champagne.”

“Champagne!” Persephone exclaimed, “are you trying to get me drunk, Selene?” 

A Cheshire grin spread across Selene’s face. “Not entirely, just, relax a little, maybe.” She shrugged and looked her in the eye. “Sorry, really. I just want you to have fun.”

“I’m having fun, I just don’t drink as much as you do, Sel.”

“I know. So, wanna dance again?” Persephone nodded and slid out from the booth, walking out onto the dance floor, Selene followed her, grinning ear to ear. 

Persephone felt the music as it surrounded them. The rhythm seemed to echo her own heartbeat, the music a call to memories long ago.  The dancing was much like the revelry in Olympus when they were younger, wild, carefree, with no rules. Persephone felt it overcome her, and with a wild smile of her own, threw herself into the dancing surrounded by the gyrations of the mortals.  She laughed with Selene, it was refreshing to do something different. She imagined this is what the parties of Dionysus must have been like. Time became nothing, as each song passed Persephone felt it all wash away. There was nothing except for the music and herself. Her body swayed and moved until Selene pulled her back to their booth, winding through the dancing mortals. Somewhere between leaving the seat and returning, Persephone had lost her shoes, bare feet making no sound in the powerful party.  She dropped down into the chair and smiled again at Selene. 

“This is amazing. I am so happy you invited me!“ Cheeks flushed from the exertion, the color returning after her stay in the Underworld, Persephone finished off her drink and leaned against Selene.  “Thank you. I have needed something like this for a long time.“

Selene smiled broadly. “Any time, dear friend! I’m so happy to see you truly smile again.”

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