Know Your God

Height: Huge – like, giant humanoid form.

Weight: The weight of a tsunami-heavy wave.

Hair Color: White/blue/green/aquamarine beard and hair (like the sea, it changes a little with the weather, etc.) Long hair.

Facial Hair: See above.

Eyes: Blue to grey-green; watch out when they flash grey-steel. Incoming rage.

Distinguishing Features: Occasionally sports a mertail. Trident goes with him everywhere.


Parents:  Cronos & Rhea

Siblings:  Zeus and Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia

Spouse:  No spouse; consort is Amphitrite

Children: As listed on the genealogy / family tree forms (oh dear gods don’t make me re-state it all – the guys had a LOT of kids).


Poseidon owns a bar called The Mermaid’s Tale. Serves mortals on landward side and merfold / sea creatures on the ocean side. He also receives tribute from fishermen the world over, and turns this neatly into fish and chips in his bar.

He can also ‘bank’, access and spend as-yet-undiscovered sunken treasure the world over.



Personal Information

General Overview: Mercurial in personality, Poseidon can be beneficent when in a good mood or his ego has been stroked and flattered. He is a kind and considerate lover, a fierce protector of those he loves but quick to anger and holds grudges fooorrreeevvveeerrr.

Nicknames: Earthshaker

Likes: Seafood, rum, sex, water sports of all kinds and competitive activities like races and ridiculous feats of strength.

Dislikes: Losing. Whiny mortals. Injustice and dishonesty – and anyone honing in on anything or any one he sees as ‘his’. His sense of entitlement is as huge as his ego.

Flaws / Weaknesses


Skills / Abilities

Immortality – Poseidon is immortal but he can be hurt and maimed. He is immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections. He bleeds brine and ejaculates pearlescence. He cries fresh water tears – and this can cause floods.

Babble-speak – Poseidon can communicate in most languages and dialects of tribes and peoples with a coastline. He does not find it easy to communicate with folk who live entirely inland. Island languages come easily to him. He can speak Mermish and communicate with various animals and aquatic lifeforms. Not plants.

Sea-God – Can cause springs and streams to spring up with a strike of his trident. Can also cause quakes if he is not careful. Controls storms, thunder and the movement of tectonic plates. He is the lord of ALL waters, not just marine but the ocean does give him more scope.

Shapeshifting – Poseidon can appear in mortal form when he chooses but this is uncomfortable and he does not like to do it for long. He usually shows up as a seafaring voyager or sailor. Nothing naval – he’s not too fond of bowing to mortal authority and is quietly fond of buccaneers and pirates.

He has been known to take the shape of specific mortals and also beasts in order to further a seduction. He is known as a kind of ‘horse-lord’.

Zoolingualism  Poseidon can communicate with many non-human creatures including whales and dolphins. Dolphins are particularly sacred to him and his pet one is Delphine. They can assist him with certain ‘foreknowings’ as they possess knowledge beyond the human realm.

Geokinesis – Poseidon can shift the plates of the earth. This can create quakes and even islands. 

Aquakinesis Poseidon can command all forms of water, including the 98% within human flesh.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear: Captain’s hat (sometimes a pirate hat). Reefer coat. Pipe. Jeans.

Alternative Dress Wear: Shirtless. Possibly little else. If you’re lucky he might don a toga. He is used to being fairly naked and smells of the sea (or fish – depending on his day). He is unaware fish smells may be unpleasant and it would not be wise to tell him. He is always carrying an umbrella or a walking stick – this is his disguised trident (seeing as it never rains unless he ordains it so). Very occasionally he shifts into a venerable old man leaning on a crutch; again, this is the trident. 

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Trident – Helmets are so last millennium, Hades has upgraded his Helm of Darkness to something more modern and stylish. When the Flat Cap of Darkness is worn, Hades can become Invisible

‘Tobacco’ pouch – Not terribly magical but it contains various bits and pieces he uses to feed hippocampi and other sea beasts as he moves about the oceans. It also contains some poisons and love philtres.

Introduction written by Clyve Rose

Restless as the tides and temperamental as the weather, I am the storm to Zeus’ lightning and you’d best take care, mortal.

Should you venture out on into my domain, know this: I command all waters. ALL WATERS answer to me and I can bring the hail to drive your brain to throbbing pain if I so wish.

The seas rise at my command, as do all the waters in my keep. I will have you know that I do not despise mortals, though sometimes I forget to notice them as you may step upon an ant without care. If you wish me to see you, make a sacrifice at my temple. I accept calamari (with sauce).

Any sea creature may do, but leave my merfolk alone. Those maids serve only me and have orders to drown all who tempt them otherwise.

Now…who’s for a sail upon my waters? Apollo will grant you sun, and I will deliver calm waves and gentle breezes. For now.

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