I counted down the days until the autumnal equinox. A simple day on the mortal’s calendar, but for me, this date has greater meaning. 

The world tells my story, thinking it knows the whole thing. Mothers used to tell the story as a cautionary tale, to frighten their girl children with the horrors of men! To convince those children to stay by their mothers’ side, and how much better it is to be safe and cloistered than it was to be in the world of men. They would shudder and wail as they told their daughters what they knew to be the truth. These women thought they knew every simple gesture and phrase, and those phrases tell the truth. 

Truth is, they don’t know half of the story.

Do I get melancholy at the turn of the season?  When the nights grow longer and the winds begin to chill?  When the harvests come in and families prepare for the chill of winter? A winter that itself was born of sorrow?  Indeed. I miss my mother each autumn when it is time to return to the Underworld, the joy on her face and the sound of her voice.  But it was the same sorrow I feel every spring as the ice melts and I took leave of my husband to return to my mother.

Those days have faded the same as a flower’s brilliant colors. I still keep my bargain, my penalty for eating of the fruit of the underworld, the so called punishment leveled by Zeus, the almighty father.  A punishment he had no idea I knew every bit the consequences of, and still took it.  

Now, decades turned to centuries, and centuries to millennia.  The return to the underworld is now a reminder of my failures. As a wife, as a queen and as a daughter. I failed Hades, our marriage words only at this point. I mean what I say – I only want his happiness. Time and distance have changed us.

I failed my mother in a decision I made for my happiness, but caused her sadness.

I can only continue to be the queen of the underworld that is allowed me. To make the choices and decisions that are needed when I am called upon to do so. 

Until then, I will focus my passions into my own spring, of a sorts. A rebirth of myself, flowering and blooming standing tall to become who I must be now.  A transformation.

To open the office within the underworld, to offer my advice and counsel to those who come and need it. I don’t think I have all the answers, but I can at least guide those who find themselves lost in the flotsam and jetsam of a new life.

Persephone, life coach to the living and recently living. From life to the afterlife a steady friend and advisor to those who find themselves in need of guidance.  I can only help them avoid the darkness I plunged myself into and the sadness that sits on my shoulders.

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