I decided to fly with Sayeh rather than teleport to London. I needed the time to plan. I asked Nike to go on ahead to patrol and find the exact location of the men. We were to meet at an abandoned warehouse not too far from Nox that belonged to the Olympus Administration. I climbed onto Sayeh’s back and uttered a spell that made us both invisible to mortal eyes. The last thing I needed was mortal news channels broadcasting a woman riding a dragon over the London skyline. 

When I arrived at the warehouse, Nike was already there waiting for me. 

“Any news on the dirtbags?” I asked as I descended from Sayeh.

“Their names are James Steen and Alex Peine, both wealthy ‘coz their daddy’s made tons of money in the real estate business,” Nike said, showing me their pictures on her phone.

“I could care less where their money came from, where are they now?” I asked, looking at their pictures with disgust.

“They’re both headed to Club Monarch. It’s an upscale nightclub with selective admissions. You need to be on their elite guest list to enter.”

“Hmm, no time to get on the list, but these clubs do allow access to good-looking young models to promote their business,” I said, winking at Nike.

“Wait, are you thinking what I am thinking?”

“Yes, but don’t get too excited, little one. We’ll just pop in, pick up our guests and leave.”

“Works for me! Either way, clubs are fun,” Nike said, excited about our plan.

“Yes, we may be here for a purpose, but we’re allowed to have fun.”

“I knew working with you was going to interesting, sister.”

“Okay, Nike. I’m going to transform you now. We can’t have you going in there with your wings. People will recognize the Goddess Nike, and we can’t risk being identified,” I said and muttered a spell directed at Nike. In an instant, Nike transformed from the Winged Goddess to a tall, shapely woman with smooth, dark skin and long curly hair. I gave her avatar a short red and black sequined bodycon dress and heels to match. 

“Let’s add some makeup, shall we?” I asked and chanted another spell to finish her look with bold red lips. I admired my handiwork. Nike looked, as the mortals say, like a million bucks. 

“Check out that booty,” I said and whistled while she gave me a twirl. 

I changed out of my tunic dress into a short, one-shouldered, red fitted dress with a slit that ran up to my right upper thigh. I matched it with gold strappy heels. My hair was styled to the left side, falling over my shoulder in thick waves.

“Sister, you’ll have some heads turning tonight,” Nike commented.

“That’s the plan, darling,” I replied. 

I looked at Sayeh and asked her to stay behind at the warehouse. We planned to be back with the men in a couple of hours. Nike and I teleported to Club Monarch. At the entrance, we walked toward the doorman confidently. The bouncer saw us approach and opened the door for us without asking for identification or checking our names on his list. 

“That was easy,” Nike remarked. 

“Just as I expected!”

Once inside, we scanned the area for our targets and found them on the couch near the dance floor. We deliberately moved towards the dance floor, hoping to catch their eye. A couple of mortals approached us and offered to buy us drinks, but we refused them. We danced seductively to the music, moving closer to the couch where James and Alex were seated. Inevitably, their eyes fell upon the two sexy girls in red on the dance floor. James was the first one on the dance floor. “Want to dance with me?” he asked and pulled me closer without waiting for a response. I looked over at Nike; Alex was already dancing with her, and it seemed like she already had him under her spell. The club, at this hour, was not too crowded, which meant we should teleport before more mortals showed up. We needed to have physical contact with both James and Alex to be able to teleport along with them. 

“What would you like a drink?” James asked, pointing to the bar. 

“A shot of bourbon would be nice.”

“Ah! The lady in red has a fine taste,” he said and extended his hand. “I am James, but please call me Jamie.”

“Nice to meet you, Jamie,” I said, taking his hand.

“The pleasure is mine,” he said, running his eyes all over my body and licking his lips.  

I turned towards Nike and noticed that Alex had his hand on her. We looked at each other and nodded. I mumbled a spell and instantly, we teleported out of the club to the warehouse with both James and Alex. 

Mortals, generally, cannot handle the strain of teleporting. To them, it would feel like falling continuously through a never-ending void. When we reached the warehouse, James was knocked unconscious and Alex fell on the floor crawling, gasping for air and clutching his stomach. I dropped the unconscious James on the floor and walked towards a chair in the corner. Sayeh perched herself on the floor beside me. I stroked her back and watched as Alex stopped crawling and stared at Sayeh. Trembling, he turned to look at Nike just as she transformed into her original form.

“What the…?” He started to say and stopped when Nike’s wings unfurled to their full size. It was beautiful in a terrifying way.

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