The Hunt Begins

Sayeh is definitely a misfit in this new world. The mortals and their new technology would make it difficult for Sayeh to be herself. This world is not going to accept her for who she is; they will want to capture her and “study” her.

Tall, concrete box-like structures filled this jungle the mortals called a city. Machines resembling the chariots from Olympus zoomed past me. I could not help but think that they were much faster than the chariots I was used to seeing in Olympus.

Dad was right! Sayeh is definitely a misfit in this new world. The mortals and their new technology would make it difficult for Sayeh to be herself. This world is not going to accept her for who she is; they will want to capture her and “study” her. No! She must become a mortal friendly beast while I’m here. I will have to figure out which one would be best. But first, I needed to figure out a way to get me one of those mortal jobs as a Parks Ranger.

I wasn’t too worried about that, ‘coz I knew a certain Goddess who could help. Last I heard, this Goddess was heading to a meeting at the Olympus Administration building. I made my way towards the OA. I remembered that Lord Hades had a business there called “Dark Sparks” that sold some sort of dark concoction to the mortals; these mortals seem to be fixated with them. Apparently, there was a branch on the ground floor of the OA. I could wait there for her, and maybe also find out what was so special about this drink the mortals called coffee!

As I sat in Dark Sparks sipping coffee, I heard a musical tone behind me, “I knew you’d be here looking for me.” I turned around to see a beautiful maiden with porcelain skin and long red hair that cascaded from her shoulders over her bosom. She was indeed a sight to behold. No mortal I had seen was a match for the beauty that stood before me.

“Ah! Goddess Moxie! Mortality becomes you!” I said, getting up to take a good look at my foster sister.

“It’ll do,” she paused before saying, “for a while,” and took me in her slender arms for an embrace. “Artemis, it is good to see you!”

“It is good to see you too, Moxie! Although I’m not sure if I’m happy to be here. I shall reserve judgment on that until I find out more about Dad’s plans,” I replied.

“Now that’s a topic I stay clear of,” she said, giving me her seductive smile. I noticed a few mortals swooning.

Smiling, I took a step closer to her and lowered my voice before saying, “I need your help getting a mortal job. Something that suits my persona, what I am good at. Something like…”

“Something like a cop, but for nature and animals!” she completed for me.

“Yes! A National Parks Ranger. How…”

“How did I know that?”

“Well, I am always a step ahead, Artemis!”

“Seriously, Moxie? That’s your explanation?”

“Relax! I’m just having fun. Why are you always so serious? You need to learn to have some fun, Artemis!”

“Fun? Yea, that’s not my thing.”

“I know exactly what you need! A night out at Nox, that’s what!”

“What now?”

“Yep, Our Nyx has opened a pop-up nightclub called Nox, you should visit. It would be good for you!” she said with a sly smile.

“Can we please concentrate on the task at hand? Tell me, what do I need to do about this job situation now?” I feigned disinterest about Nyx’s nightclub. But I knew that it did sound like something I could explore at some point.

“It’s all done! You have nothing to worry about!”

“What do you mean it’s all done?”

“I mean that everything you need to start your mortal job as a Ranger in California is done. All you need to do is get yourself to the main office to report for duty within a week.”

“Oh! California, huh?”

“The paperwork you will need is with Lord Hades. Collect it from him before you head out!”

“All right! Well, thanks, then!” I said.

“A pleasure! Oh, and Artemis? You might want to convert that little dragon of yours into something mortal friendly like a dog.”

“A dog?”

“Yea! Call it your support animal that way you can take her everywhere,” she chimed.

“I knew I liked you for a reason,” I exclaimed, knowing that Sayeh’s issue was resolved.

“I know! Don’t be too quick to thank me. Consider this a favor. Someday I am going to want something in return,” she said before disappearing from my sight.

I knew Moxie would know where to find me when the day comes, so I did not let that bother me.

When I reached the Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa, the receptionist showed me into Hades’ office. He looked up at me from behind the screens. Opening a drawer, he pulled out a folder and handed them to me as I walked towards him.

“Everything you will ever need as a mortal is in that folder. Anything else?” he asked.

“Always a pleasure, Lord Hades,” I said, taking the folder from him.

“Artemis, Zeus would like a word before you leave. He’s on the 91st floor,” he said.

“What? Why? I wasn’t planning on meeting Dad.”

“I believe he has a task for you, so it is best you comply,” he answered before returning to his screens.

I knew there was no point in wasting time trying to get information from Hades, so I reluctantly made my way to the 91st floor of the Olympus Administration.

I found my father pacing the lobby of his office.

“Good, you’re here! I have an important task for you, Arty.” He said as soon as I stepped off the elevator.

“Dad, what’s this task that you couldn’t tell me when we talked in Olympus?”

“The need for this task was, let’s say, quite recent,” he said.

“What do you need?” I asked, concerned.

“I need you to capture Fire.”

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