The Journey Begins

A job! I groaned as I returned from a visit to dear old Dad at Mount Olympus.

I should’ve known the moment he summoned me to the court that there was going to be some outrageous demand. As though my efforts in Olympus were not “job” enough that now he wants to displace me!

“He wants me to find a job, a job in the mortal world! Can you imagine that, Apollo?”

“What’s so bad about the mortal world?” he asked, looking confused.

Nothing was wrong with the mortal world, Gaia had done a fantastic job with her creation, its long winding rivers, evergreen trees, vast oceans, and snow peaked mountains. It was, indeed, a sight to behold.

“You’re not getting it, brother, it’s not the mortal world that I am worried about, it is the mortals themselves, the mortals and their puny jobs that I cannot tolerate!”

“I, Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Wildlife and Nature, work at a puny mortal job? Could you even imagine such a thing happening?” I continued my tirade as he listened quietly.

“I tried talking Dad out of this crazy idea, you know, just so I could simply go about my life hunting and punishing transgressors. But you know him, big old Zeus! He never listens!”

“Now, he has latched onto a new desire to be King! Again!”

“He thinks that this time it’s going to be a lot more fun! And he swears by it. Fun, it seems! I could care less about the fun, that’s Eris’ thing, not mine! Does he even care about what I want?” I asked.

Apollo who was busy fidgeting with my quiver put it aside and turned around to face me.

“Of course, he does! Isn’t that why he has summoned you among the few that he did?”

“And in any case, why are you resisting this, you know you love a good adventure. Why don’t you use this opportunity to create a few great stories for this generation to talk over some wine?”

“Don’t you know how the mortals are still talking about our escapades from back in the days?” he said, trying to tickle me until I giggled and ran out of his reach.

“Hmmm, you are right about the escapades being great. What is it that these modern mortals do all day, anyway?” I asked.

“Mostly I see them sitting around on their ass and smack into some rectangular box! What is it that they call it? Yea, that’s right, a laptop,” he said.

“I can’t do that. I cannot be held down by a machine. You know more than anyone that I have to be wild and free.”

“I know that which is why I think you should take a job that gives you the freedom to roam about without anyone questioning you.”

“What are you suggesting?” I asked with growing excitement that was becoming impossible to hide.

He smiled noticing the excitement in my tone “Well, I did some research on mortals and their jobs, and I think you should become a Cop, not the one for the mortals, but the one for Nature and Creatures.”

“What, now?”

“Mortals speak of nature as “Parks” it seems. And mortals being mortals don’t care for the bountiful nature they are given. They’re always trying to ruin its beauty, which is why they had to create these jobs called National Parks Cops,” he explained.

“These cops protect the wild and the creatures of the wild and also prevent the mortals from destroying them.”

“Wow, brother, that does sound perfect. You do know your mortals!”

“Yes, I do, and that is why I’m sure you’ll do great with them.”

“But how can I go? I don’t want to go without you?”

“You’ll be fine! And I’m sure our Dad will be summoning me soon enough to join you on this mission,” he said enthusiastically.

His eagerness was so contagious that I could feel the excitement starting to course through my veins.

“Hmmm, maybe working with the mortals is going to be fun, after all!” I said.

“Just remember not to shoot down anyone, Arty! Apparently, mortals get in trouble for doing that unlike us Gods,” he laughed, watching my eyes twinkle.

I winked at him as I summoned my dragon for the journey towards Earth and her mortals.


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