I deliberately arrive at Nyx’s island several hours before any other gods arrive, like I always say, mischief is a full time job. You have to do your research and lay the foundation for maximum chaos, there’s a lot of outside work needed. Some of my best moments have been the result of days of preparation, and what a way to celebrate my return to Olympus than using the first large gathering I’m invited to to create mischief.

Which is why I’m currently camouflaged in one of the tallest trees on the island, surveying Nyx as she prepares for the party below. Imagining all the different gods and goddesses I can target during the Island warming tonight, chuckling to myself as I linger in the tall tree, spying on the results below. When more gods start arriving, I begin preparing myself. Sliding my bow from where it was hooked to my quiver, pulling it to my front, knocking two gold arrows, aiming from two of the deities gathering in the field below. 

Just as I take sight of my first target, imagining the chaos that will ensue when it lands, a familiar voice chimes from directly behind me, “Nephew, what are you doing?” 

The voice startles me so suddenly, making me lose my balance on the tree limb I’m crouching on, slipping to the side, falling from my perch. My stomach rolls when I catch sight of the hundreds of feet that lie between me and an incredibly painful landing. My hand barely catching the limb in time to stop myself from plummeting to the ground, my foot shooting out to hook my bow, the two arrows I had knocked embedding themselves several limbs below me. 

“Tory! What are you playing at!” I yell, swinging myself back on to the branch, regaining my balance on the limb easily on one foot. Kicking my foot up, my bow lands back in my hand, and I glance down at where my two arrows landed. Sighing and narrowing my eyes at my aunt, I reach back, pressing a hand to the side of the quiver, the arrows magically reappearing inside. You didn’t really think that I had to actually retrieve them, did you? You must have forgotten who exactly I am. 

Nike is covering her mouth with her hand, poorly concealing her laughter at having taken me so unawares and my resulting reaction. Narrowing my eyes at her in annoyance, my aunt hovers in the air next to me in the branches, kept afloat with slight flaps of her wings. She drops her hands when I’ve completely regained my balance. 

With a knowing smirk, she crosses her arms over her chest, raising a single eyebrow, adding in a sing-song voice, “You know, if you had your wings, you would have been able to catch yourself.” 

Storing my bow on its hook on my quiver, I cross my own arms back at her, remaining mulishly silent. Tory has been trying to breach the subject of my wings since she first figured out that I wasn’t using a spell to conceal them, that they were actually gone and not coming back. As a goddess who valued her wings so highly, she couldn’t understand why I was okay with no longer having mine. 

My jaw clenching stubbornly, I glare at my aunt, replying scathingly, “You know, if you hadn’t crept up on me so quietly, I wouldn’t have needed to catch myself.”

When Tory realizes that I won’t be moved to reveal the story behind their loss to her, she rolls her eyes. “That’s not what I’m here for; what mischief are you planning tonight?” 

An innocent smile stretches easily across my face. “Mischief? Moi?” 

Nike hovers up and down slightly as she floats next to me. “You forget who you’re speaking to, I know your motto.” 

My smile changes from innocent to wicked as we chime in at the same time, “I aim to misbehave.”

When Nike’s smile also turns mischievous, my eyebrows shoot up. “Why do I feel like you will be competing with me for mischief maker of the evening?” 

Nike’s hands drop from her front, linking behind her back, her attempt at an innocent smile so obvious, I bite my lip to keep from smiling wider. I might be a bad influence on her.

“Nephew, I have no idea what you could be talking about.” Her voice goes up at the end of her sentence, hinting that she wasn’t telling the truth. 

“Uh huh, that lie might work on some other god, but you do realize you are speaking to me, right? My mischief radar is infallible.” 

Nike huffs slightly, likely upset being caught. “So I’m planning something, are you going to tattle on me?” 

Touching a hand to my chest in affront, “Do you know me at all, Tory?” 

Her smile returns. “So, want to help?”

“Alright, so maybe you do know me after all.”

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