I watched as the swimming contestants made their way back up the hill after drying off within the pavillions, pleased with how it turned out. I had had my doubts employing water bulls to keep things safe, but it seems they were unfounded. Arty met me at the top of the hill, a wicked grin across her face as we clasped hands, before making our way back towards the fires. The satyrs had already stoked the bonfire high, and the smell of roasting pig and cow wafted across the rolling hills of Eventide. My stomach growled slightly at the sight of food, but I had plenty of time to eat later. Grabbing an empty mug for myself, I stopped near a cask of my brew and filled it to the brim, before grabbing Eros by the wrist as he walked by me.

“You’ve been awfully quiet tonight. You’re not planning on sabotaging my home, are you?”

He gave me a winsome smile, twirling an arrow in his hand idly. “I wouldn’t dream of it, Nyxie.” I released him and he walked away whistling, a drink in his hand as well. I didn’t really believe him, but a part of me hoped that tonight, he would just keep himself low-key.

After that, I turned my attention to simply enjoying myself. The competitions had run their course, so to speak, favours had been doled out, and there was naught left to do but simply enjoy the food, drink, and company. I was pleased to be able to catch up with everyone in such a comfortable fashion. I spent a great deal of time drinking, eating, and chatting with Hestia and Connor, what their plans were if they were coming back to Olympus or not, before being pulled into a limbo match to referee in. In case anyone was wondering, Urania is the most flexible.

A wave of firelight climbed the skies as Alex stoked the fires, a pretty nymph nearly attached to his hip as they chattered away at one another. Golly was nowhere to be seen, but I had an inkling that I could find him and several nymphs somewhere in the woods. I had no interest in going to disturb them, so I made the rounds as the dancing picked up, taking a turn with everyone who was on their feet. Arty and I sailed around the fire a few times, handing her off to Thanatos, who stepped in most gracefully, to take up the arm of Demeter, and we whirled and sang bawdy songs, nearly colliding with Hestia and Connor. When Dem realized how drunk she was, she waved me off towards the group once more, before waltzing away to go find Nike. Stars pulsed around my wrists and cheeks from the excitement, my eyes following the movements around the fire, when a soft wind snagged my attention. A tiny smile on my face, I took a walk away from them all to allow Eventide to speak to me.

My new home felt more ethereal at this moment than Olympus, Tartarus, or even the Void. My hair swept around me in the Highland winds, and I closed my eyes for a moment to let it hug me, before glancing back towards the fire. I spotted Hate and Jealousy, and Dinlas sitting at the edge of the fire with his eyes closed, and hesitated for only a moment, before disappearing into the shadows.

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