The day was finally here. I have been waiting to congratulate Nyx on her new home at the Scottish Islands. She named it Eventide; the name has a beautiful sound to it, a peaceful one. Jamie and my nymphs left earlier in the week to help setup everything for the events. Iain, however, waited for me; he was my date for the evening.

I took my time getting dressed, wearing a low-cut off-white beaded dress that I matched with blood-red heels, and my favorite blush pink headdress. Iain looked dapper, dressed in a dark blue fitted suit. When I made my way into the lobby, he held out his hand. “My Lady, you look beautiful.”

I took his hand and smiled. “Shall we?” Together, we teleported to Eventide. It was party time.

Once there, we made our way towards the hostess, the lady of the evening, Nyx. She was a sight to behold in her dark flowing dress. Iain and I offered our congratulations.

“Dear heart, did you just arrive? You missed the big hunt with Hestia, but you’re in time for the scavenger hunt,” she said, giving me a hug.

“A scavenger hunt?” I asked with a raised brow. I was curious as to what it was that we were hunting.

“A scavenger hunt is right up your alley, My Lady,” Iain suggested. I nodded in agreement. “Would you mind if I go into the woods and find Alex and Connor while you participate in the hunt?” he asked. I told him to go on ahead, gave Nyx another hug, before I started to search for clues.

I found the first clue near the podium; I figured Nyx made the first clue easy to find. The scroll read, “Throughout dreams, I have it near. It keeps me content all through the night and all through the day.”

Easy enough, I deduced we were looking for The Night’s Cloak. There was an image on the scroll that hinted I needed to head out into the woods for my next clue. Soon after, I found the second and third scrolls and finally made my way to the cottage near the cliff. I expected to find the cloak there and enjoy my moment of glory as the winner of the scavenger hunt; instead, I found my Aunt Demeter, stumbling her way out of the cottage, the cloak wrapped around her and a single tear gleaming from her right cheek.

Oh well, Aunt Dem found it before me, I sighed. It was then that I noticed that she was shining bright; her skin had turned translucent, and her steps were unsteady. She held an empty vial in her left hand, yet it looked like the vial was suspended in space among the stars.

I caught her just in time before she stumbled on a step at the entrance of the cottage. “Aunt Dem, are you alright?” I asked, hugging her. She smiled in response. It looked like she was far away from me somewhere in space among the stars. I closed my eyes from her aureate glow.

I noticed she had the cloak on her, perhaps she was cold. I tried to pull the cloak together for her and held it out. I saw her entire body was an image of the night when a billion stars decorated it. I tried to remove the cloak but it was impossible to take off her. As a whole, Aunt Dem looked like she was the universe that housed all of the celestial bodies.

“Aunt Dem, what happened to you?” I asked, concerned. I kept trying different ways to take the cloak off her but had no idea how to help her. She was under the influence of ambrosia or whatever drink she had consumed from her vial. She looked at her hands, and then at me, let out a hiccup and laughed. She tried to answer, but her speech slurred, and everything she said came out garbled. I wiped the tear from her face and hugged her again, “Oh, Aunt Dem, I am here for you. I am going to help you, okay?” I hoped she understood my words.

This was Nyx’s cloak, and if it refused to obey Aunt Dem or my command, then it meant that I needed to seek help from someone who would have the power to command it. I knew Nyx was back at the party attending to her guests, but going there with a brightly lit and intoxicated Aunt Dem may not be the best idea. I decided to teleport with Aunt Dem to the entrance of the woods so I could find my sister Athena. She’d definitely have the wisdom to figure out a method to take the cloak off Aunt Dem. I managed to hold onto Aunt Dem long enough to teleport.

If you think an intoxicated human is difficult to control, then imagine what it would be like to handle an intoxicated immortal!

With a pop, we landed back, closer to the party. I looked for a spot where I could seat Aunt Dem and search for Athena.

I heard a chuckle behind me. “Need some help, huntress?” Thanatos stood amused by what he witnessed.

“Ah…Than! I’m so glad to see you!” I said. I knew he would be able to help me with Aunt Dem and perhaps even help with the cloak. I explained the situation to him and pointed to Aunt Dem, who continued to shine bright under the cloak.

Than smiled and walked towards Aunt Dem. “Aunt Dem, I am going to take the cloak off you now, okay?” She nodded. Than mumbled something into the air and in one swift motion, pulled the cloak off her. He folded it and handed it to her. “Here, you found the cloak, you’re the winner of the scavenger hunt.”

Aunt Dem seemed sober enough to understand what Than said, and she took the folded cloak from him. 

“Just don’t put it on again,” he said with a wink.

“Thank you, Thanatos, you’re a darling,” Aunt Dem said, stroking his face. I looked between her and Than, confused. “How did you do that?” 

“Perks of being the Night’s son,” he said, shrugging.

I smiled, put a hand on Aunt Dem’s shoulder, hugging her, “Aunt Dem, I will be by your side all night, so you don’t do anything like this again.” 

She laughed as she held me back. That was an interesting scavenger hunt, I thought as the three of us walked back to the party.

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