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Deity Nicknames

Deity Names Nicknames

“We do not want merely to see beauty… we want something else which can hardly be put into words- to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it. That is why we have peopled air and earth and water with gods and goddesses, and nymphs and elves.”

C.S. Lewis

Physical Appearance

Height:Britomartis – 5’6”
Iphigenia – 5’7
Hyale – 5’6
Britomartis – 125 lbs
Iphigenia – 132 lbs
Hyale – 128 lbs
Hair Color:
Britomartis – Brunette with shoulder-length hair
Iphigenia – Straight black hair that reaches her waist 
Hyale – Wavy shoulder-length red hair
Facial Hair:None
Britomartis – Light brown
Iphigenia – Hazel
Hyale – Emerald green
Distinguishing Features:
Britomartis – A birthmark in the shape of the island of Krete at the nape of her neck.
Iphigenia – A scar on her neck from when Agamemnon tried to sacrifice her before the Battle of Troy. 
Hyale – A colorful ocean wave tattoo on her right ankle. 


Parents:Britomartis – Zeus [Father] Carmê [Mother]
Iphigenia – Agamemnon [Father] Clytemnestra [Mother]
Hyale – Okeanos [Father] Tethys [Mother]
Siblings:Britomartis – Half siblings – other children of Zeus.
Iphigenia – 2 sisters. Together the trio were known as Iphianassa.
Hyale – 59 sisters. Hyale is one of the band of 60 Okeanid nymphs.


Britomartis, Iphigenia, and Hyale all work in the Olympus Administration building for Artemis’ Silver Bow Foundation (SBF). The Silver Bow Foundation is divided into two departments: Women and Child Rights Department and Wildlife and Forests Preservation Department.

Britomartis works for the Women and Child Rights division of SBF, while Hyale works mainly for the Wildlife and Forest Preservation division. Iphigenia handles the management of Olympus National Park. She is also the Priestess of Artemis’ temple found deep in the Park.


They each have a quarter of the 17th floor of the OA building’s residential towers. Iphigenia alternates between the temple and OA building.

Personal Information

Britomartis: Born in Crete to Zeus and Carme, Britomartis was a goddess of the mountains. When she was pursued by Minos she threw herself into fishermen’s nets to escape him; thus rescued and was taken by the fishermen to mainland Greece. Here, she dedicated herself to Artemis as a sister/hunting companion. Britomartis opted to follow Artemis onto Earth when she was summoned by Zeus into the mortal plane. She is the most dedicated of Artemis’ nymphs and is one of Artemis’ favorite nymphs. In the mortal plane, Britomartis is sexually oriented to women and does not date men. She is a talented and powerful hunter who can keep up with Artemis and Orion. 

Iphigenia: In Greek mythology, Iphigenia appears as the Greek fleet gathers in Aulis to prepare for war against Troy. At Aulis, the leader of the Greeks, Agamemnon, accidentally kills a deer in a grove sacred to the goddess Artemis. She punishes him by interfering with the winds so that his fleet cannot sail to Troy. The seer Calchas reveals that to appease Artemis, Agamemnon must sacrifice his eldest daughter, Iphigenia. Iphigenia and her mother Clytemnestra are brought to Aulis under the pretext of marriage to Achilles, but soon discover the marriage is a ruse. Iphigenia remains unaware of her imminent sacrifice until the last moment, believing that she is led to the altar to be married. However, Iphigenia was taken by Artemis to Tauris at the moment of the sacrifice, and that the goddess left a deer in her place. Iphigenia was then made a Priestess to Artemis temple at Brauron until she dies. Artemis transforms her into a nymph and an immortal adding her to Artemis close allies. Since then Iphigenia has followed Artemis everywhere including coming back to earth to help Artemis. Iphigenia works for the Women’s Shelter under SBF and is a strong supporter of women’s empowerment. She is currently single and is bi-sexual.

Hyale: Hyale is one of a band of sixty of the younger Okeanid Nymphs which formed the core retinue of goddess Artemis. Their names suggest they were Nephelai (Cloud Nymphs). Since many of the younger Okeanides were cloud nymphs quite a few found themselves as attendants of Artemis. When Artemis received the favor from Zeus to become the Virgin Goddess with a band of Nymphs by her side, she approached Okeanos and asked for followers. He gave her a band of sixty nymphs one of whom was Hyale and another twenty nymphs from the Nymphae Amnisos (Water nymphs). Hyale quickly became a favorite of Artemis with her wit and a sharp eye for making sure Artemis has everything she needs before she asks for it. Hyale works for the Wildlife and Forests Preservation department of SBF. She is currently dating Jamie, one of the Satyrs that came back with Artemis after her visit to Aunt Hestia. 

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