I looked at Iphigenia, Hyale, and Britomartis, my nymphs, whom I had asked to stay back after our dance ritual.

“The reason I asked the three of you to stay is that I will need you here with me to organize and run a charity. I will explain everything in detail when we are in the Olympus Administration Building. For now, I will tell you this much, that my charity will have two main causes that it supports: Wildlife Preservation and Women’s Shelter. I have decided to name it Silver Bow Foundation.”

“A very fitting name for your causes, My Lady,” Hyale replied. Iphigenia and Britomartis nodded in agreement.

I smiled and turned to look at Sayeh. “What say Sayeh, shall we leave?” I asked, caressing her face. She reacted by rubbing her nose against mine. “I’m about to transform you into another form, Sayeh, something that’s mortal-friendly. I hope you don’t mind.” I mumbled a spell under my breath, and in an instant, Sayeh was transformed from the ferocious dragon that she was into a dog. “To the mortals, you will be known as my emotional support animal, Sayeh. Their eyes will see you as nothing but a golden ball of fur.” I said. She wagged her tail and licked my face in response.  

I muttered another spell and teleported us to the OA building. At the ground floor, I pointed to Dark Sparks and said, “Ladies, you must try this drink, the mortals call it coffee. Maybe we could come down here after you settle down. I will arrange for a residence for you at the OAB. We can use the 17th floor as our workspace, and I will have the contractors come in to build you separate living spaces on the floor. You will need it for when I am away.”

“We are grateful, my Lady.” The three of them took in the sights of the city block, of Dark Sparks, and the tall OAB. The big smiles on their faces told me they were excited about being here.

We walked toward the elevators on the right side of the building that took us to the office space. In the elevator capsule, I bend down to scratch Sayeh behind her ears. She was clearly enjoying the attention. She did behave like a real pet dog, so much love.

The elevator bell dinged announcing our arrival on the 17th floor, and we stepped out into a large foyer that leads to two large oak front doors that could possibly accommodate a family of giraffes. I noticed that the office was now furnished from the last time that I was here. Father really did go out of his way this time! I had barely mentioned coming to work here, and he already had the place polished and furnished. To say that the furnishing was grand would be an understatement, but this is Zeus we are talking about, so I would‘ve expected nothing less.

The reception had wooden floors that were lined with Persian rugs that had a silver bow, a stag, and my silhouette weaved into it. It made me smile. I am not one for grandeur, but I did appreciate a sweet gesture, and this was one. The reception had a large curvilinear oak table with a large computer screen placed on it and a swivel chair. To the other end of the reception stood a sofa, multiple chairs, and a coffee table that would serve as the waiting area. I must credit Father for bearing in mind my love for the woods when furnishing this space. It was practically filled with indoor plants and paintings of my favorite creatures.

“Hyale, I would like you to get yourself accustomed to using a computer. Don’t worry, it’s not hard, you should you be able to pick it up in a couple of hours. Once you get familiarized, get working on finding us a receptionist.”

“As you say, my Lady,” Hyale replied.

We walked further into the office. The center space had a decorative water fountain that was placed there, as the water from the fountain reflected the light coming from the French windows ahead, adding to the ambiance of the office. Toward the right of the fountain were three large rooms that were furnished and ready to use. I looked at Hyale, Iphigenia, and Britomartis and told them to use a place each for their work.

“As I explained before, our charity supports two main causes. Iphigenia, I want you to work on raising funds for wildlife preservation. Your first step task is to collate a list of the mortal celebrities who support the cause. We could have a benefit in support of the cause, and that should give us a good starting point. I want you to get accustomed to the mortal ways and learn their mannerisms. You have a week to do that.” I instructed. She nodded, taking in every word I was saying.

“Bri,” I said, looking at her, “You will work on raising funds for the women’s shelter program. We’ll also need to focus on getting some attention to the charity,” I said, looking at Britomartis, one of my most beautiful nymphs. She gathered what I implied and replied, “We’ll have a plan ready for you soon, My Lady.”

“Thank you, I knew I could count on you. I will also have you know that while this charity is meant to support the cause, my intention with it is not just that. It is mainly intended to find and punish those who dare hurt that which I protect! Hyale, your work will be to bring me the necessary details in this arena.”

“We are aware, my Lady. I’ll see to it that the information on that front reaches you promptly,” Hyale said with a tone of conviction.  

“Excellent! I would expect nothing less. What say you, ladies? Shall we get working on The Silver Bow Foundation?” I asked at looking at three eager faces and a dog that stood wagging her tail.

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