Typically, the Underworld is considered the lands of the dead. After death, there is no annihilation of souls. The dead cross the Oceanus and arrive on the shores of the Underworld to lead a bleak, boring, sometimes toilsome, but always unhappy existence.

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These individuals may find themselves wandering the monotony of the Asphodel Fields or toiling in the Mourning Fields and Mines on the Sulfur Springs Resort and Spa, or imprisoned in the Pits of Tartarus. The most dangerous of souls are further confined in the Tartarus Correctional Facility.

The primary exception to this rule lies with those judged favorably. They live their immortality in relative happiness in the land of Elysium, either in the Elysium Suites or any of the other blissful communities.

The far northern part of the Underworld is Oneiroi, a Land of Dreams, where beings exist in a state neither truly in death nor life.

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