Elysium was originally constructed as a region to be separate from The Onyx Towers; however, after the Ten Year War and the incarceration of Kronos, Hades annexed Elysium into his holdings, to keep a better eye on things. 

Elysium as a whole is primarily filled with lush foliage, stunning forests, and rolling plains of flowers, with most of this surrounding the Apartments of Asphodel. Access to this region is generally through the Gate of Dawn; however, Hades, Persephone, and other worthy individuals frequently cross the Lethe River to reach Elysium. 

The Elysium Fields is the afterlife of mortals related to the Pantheon, as well as the heroic, the righteous, and the hand-picked by the gods.

This area of lush grasses, beautiful woods, and abundant flowers lies to the west of the Apartments of Asphodel. Access to the region is primarily through the Gate of Dawn. However, Hades, Persephone and other worthy individuals frequently cross the river of Lethe into Elysium

The Elysium Penthouse: These exquisite apartments are situated on the eastern island of Elysium, within the Blessed Fields. The Penthouses hold only the most deserving souls in the afterlife.

Groves of Persephone: The southern portion of the blessed fields is the home to the Groves of Persephone.

Cave of Kronos: To the north of the Blessed Fields, on its own island, lies the Cave of Kronos. It is suspected to be an alternate entrance to the Land of Dreams, burrowing beneath the Styx River, but no one has crossed through since the age of the Titans.

Hesperia (Isle of Twilight): Located directly above Makaron, Hesperia is home to the Hesperides, the nymphs of the evening and of the golden light of sunsets. Soft, rolling sand dunes and oases cover this expanse, eventually leading to the Gardens.

Gardens of the Hesperides:  The Gardens are located on the far eastern tip of Hesperia. In contrast to the sandy expanse dotted with small oases, the Gardens are a paradise. Exotic trees and flowers grow in abundance, birds of paradise, macaws, and other exquisite fliers make their home here, and many choose to linger around the massive lake that rests within the Gardens.

Makaron (Isle of Heroes): In the far west of Elysium is Makaron, isle of heroes. Comprised of intricate stone structures, unique flora, and awe-inspiring landscapes. A place for legends to congregate, reflect, relax, and share advice if inclined. 

Aea (Isle of Dawn): Aea can be found directly north of Hesperia, and is the birthplace of Hemera. A beautifully untamed jungle, rushing rivers and waterfalls, steady streams, and an unmatched atmosphere of tranquility and wonder fills this island. Its inhabitants currently include a handful of Eldrain. 

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