The main entrance to Propylaia, the Land of Hekate and the Restless Dead, can be found in the south through the Gate of Shades. Bordered by the Lethe, Coxytus, and Acheron Rivers, the shades of dead reside outside of the Onyx Towers and are managed by Hekate, Queen of Ghost and Witchcraft.

Souls waiting for Charon the Ferryman to help them cross Aveinos, Lake of the Dead, can be found lingering by the shoreline. Those who enter the Underworld but are unable to pay the required fare to Charon and cross into the afterlife are generally labelled as the Restless Dead. Those who do have the travel fare are ushered off to the Onyx Towers and the Blessed Fields. 

The ones left behind eventually become forlorn and filled with despair, wandering the banks of the Acheron and sometimes into the forests of Propylaia.

It is to be noted that not all of who call the Land of Hekate are restless. There may be times when Hekate may allow in heroes who died without family or permit temporary leave to the denizens of other areas, even Tartarus.

Although Hekate takes charge of these wandering souls, she typically attends to other matters in the mortal plane during the day. At night, and most especially on new and full moon nights, her bond is strongest with her charges. Sometimes, on the night of the new moon, when the mortal plane is darkest, she allows the dead to wander the paths of the Earth.

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