Titarial is a lone island in Oceanus; the landscape is mostly rocky with sparse vegetation and few trees dotting the land. There are a few small tide pools formed around the immediate shoreline of the island, but they grow scarce the further inland you go. There are no valleys, lakes, or mountains – a fairly flat landscape with small rock formations.

In the center of Titarial, there is a mountain that is hallowed out in the center that stretches to its peak and opens into the skies. The cavern inside is only reachable by an immortal born or raised in the Underworld. Within this cavern is a sphere of stone that is suspended in the center. Its origins are unknown.

In Titarial, the laws of nature and physics are the same as on Earth, though the Sphere appears to be an exception.

Titarial does not have sun or moons orbiting it. The morning skies of Titarial are heavily overcast with swirling clouds threatening rain, while the nights are dark iron-gray, nearly black!

The climate inside of Titarial is comfortably warm and dry, sometimes tepid. Outside it is at the whim of Oceanus, but generally, it is damp and chilly. The weather in Titarial is usually overcast, storms and varying rainfall are common occurrences.

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