Oneiroi, also known as the Land of Dreams, is home to the Children of the Night, as well as the Dream Brood. The main entrance to this realm is from the north, through the Gate of Horn and Ivory, though you may enter from Elysium through the Cave of Kronos to the west. The caverns called home by Hypnos and the Dream Brood lie along the north-central border. 

Halls of Night: The Halls of Night belong to the Primordial Nyx and her kin, and is situated on the southern coast, overlooking the Styx River. Dark flora and fauna surround the Halls, with several streams running parallel alongside the Hall to the River. Architecturally, it is reminiscent of the Theseion in Athens.

Tree of False Dreams: Beneath the branches of this looming elm tree are the shades of past monsters, such as the Hydra, Scylla, and the chimera. While they cannot maim or otherwise injure anyone physically, their presence may be enough to scare away anyone who would come close. This tree conjures dark dreams, thoughts, and feelings, and if not careful, one can be stuck there in despair. 

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