The Onyx Towers

Previously the Sulfur Springs, this is where the home of Lord Hades resides within the Underworld. The dead pass through the Gate of Shades from the south and find themselves in the Land of Hekate. Unable to cross any of the rivers on their own, they will find themselves at the shore of Aveinos, awaiting safe passage.

Aveinos (Lake of the Dead)

Before reaching the Onyx Towers, visitors must arrange transportation with the immortal ferryman, Charon. If he is satisfied with their payment, he will take them across Aveinos to the Onyx Towers Lobby.

White Rock

This dazzling outcrop of stark white rock juts into the sky just outside of the Onyx Tower Lobby. It pulsates a soft glow, and a cold draft flows around its base fluidly. It has been observed that when touched or licked, the victim becomes highly confused or disoriented, and often loses memory of who they are or where they are. Its current origins are unknown. 

Onyx Towers Lobby

Immediately inside the gates, Hades maintains an office in the Lobby to the Onyx Towers, alongside his trusted friend and ally, Cerberus. As Hades likes to keep up appearances, the convergence of the Styx, Pyriphlegethlon, Acheron, Lethe, and Coxytus rivers makes for an excellent spot for unique and exotic flora. The marshy environment allows winding vines, vibrant ferns, and succulents to grow, while dark grasses sprawl up their banks towards the Lobby.

There are occasions when souls without reservations elsewhere can be found loitering outside the Lobby, smoking, chatting, or reading.

Palace of Hades

Within the grounds of the Palace, Hades lives in the lap of luxury. Built along the shore of the Mnemosyne with a view of the Groves of Persephone, Hades tends to his expanse of orchards, gardens, and water features. The architecture of the Palace is a blend of modern, Gothic, and Greek tastes.

The Asphodel Fields

Just beyond the Lobby sprawls the Asphodel Fields, where the dead roam through the thick growth of asphodel, a pale-gray plant that is edible, but very bland. Even with this tastelessness, the inhabitants of the Asphodel Residences regard it as a staple food.

The Asphodel Residences are a mid-tier housing complex located in the far west section of the Asphodel Fields. The shades of the indifferent dead call this home, those souls who were neither pious or wicked. The residents seem to be in a constant state of disinterest or boredom as they meander through their afterlife, mimicking their previous life.

Mourning Fields and Mines (The Vale)

A valley that slopes from the Asphodel Fields into the east will take you to the Mourning Plains. The further into the plains one travels, the more foreboding the scenery becomes: dwindling townhouses sit in rows and looking like the meanest ghosts – the homes of the shades that are employed to work the mining operation owned by Hades.

Cave of Hypnos

Hypnos’ cavern has two entrances – one in the Oneiroi, and one in the Mourning Plains. Hidden away atop a large cliff, Hypnos keeps to himself. It is speculated that within the cave lies Hypnos’ source of magic.

Cave of Oneiroi

The Oneiroi’s cave entrance is clouded with a thick, sangria-coloured mist flecked with starbursts. Strange noises and music emits from it every once in a while, and no one ventures into their passage between the Oneiroi and the Onyx Towers unless there’s no other option.

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