On a level beneath the rest of the Underworld lies Tartarus, the great cosmic pits.

Gates of Tartarus: Tartarus is secured primarily by the Triple Wall of Bronze which extends far below the the surface of the Underworld. Entrance to the Pits of Tartarus is achieved by passing through one of a pair of gates.

Pits of Tartarus: Through one gate, the open Pits of Tartarus can be accessed. This is where the souls of wicked men condemned by the Judges of the Dead live a period of enforced purgatory, or, for the truly unredeemable, to eternal damnation. 

Tartarus Correctional Facility: The second gate leads to the Tartarus Correctional Facility, a gloomy storm-wracked maximum security prison, which houses the most powerful of the Pantheon’s criminals. It is guarded by the hundred-handed Hecatonchire giants, which are the primary wardens of the Titans.

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