Titans Rising – Godnapped, Part I

My arms and ankles were bound with clamps and there were chains that connected from the wall to them both. I yanked at the chains, but they wouldn’t budge.

I was at Urania’s place for the second time. And we’ve spent more time with our clothes off than on, if you catch my drift. I don’t know what it is about her, but I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. The thing is, it wasn’t just an infatuation. There was a feeling that I didn’t know was there. I wanted to spend all my time with her.

We had just finished christening the living room and moved to her bedroom. Urania clicked a button on the wall and the glass on the ceiling retracted.

“That is amazing,” I said with a child-like smile. The sky looked beautiful tonight.

“I know, right?” Urania said as she climbed into the bed and snuggled next to me. She slid her hand under the blanket and down my body. 

I looked at her with a smile and said, “Really?” I mean, I was all for another romp, but then again, I’m kind of a sex freak. I didn’t think she would be, too.

“What? I’m completely innocent,” she said.

“There are people on death row who are more innocent than you,” I said. “I see that twinkle in those beautiful violet eyes of yours. I know what you’re up to.”

She pulled her hand back and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I was just checking to see what you were up to.” She laughed playfully and scooted ever so slightly away from me. We went from touching to still being close enough to feel each other’s heat.

“Get back over here,” I growled at her. “You started it…” 

She pounced on me, eagerly taking me in.

A few hours later, she got up to feed her cat, Dugo. He was a sweet cat, which is surprising, because you know, cats! She threw on my t-shirt and flashed me a wicked smile. What was she up to? I leaned back on the bed and looked at the beautiful sky. Man, the stars were so bright tonight. I caught something moving in the sky. Hmm, I wonder what…wow, it looks like it’s coming right at me.

“Hey!” I called to her. “I think I just saw a shooting star.” I scrunched my eyes. Either that thing is getting bigger, or I was going crazy. I couldn’t take my eyes off whatever it was. The light was growing so bright that I had to squint. I heard a weird laugh and opened my mouth to call Urania, but the light engulfed me. I tried to fight my way out of it, but there was a pressure on my temples.

Urania’s distant voice said, “Aw, man. I miss all of the good stuff. Make a wish for me.”  It was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

Distant screams brought me back to reality. I frantically looked around, but the room was dark. I was cold, damp and could barely breathe. I tried to stand and felt chains pull at me. My wrists and ankles were bound to the wall behind me. I couldn’t move much, but there was just enough slack for me to stand or lie down.

My body shivered as Zephyrus blew his strong winds, and I realized I was in nothing but a thin loincloth. I may be a god, but even we had our limits. I tried to focus my eyes and looked around the room. It appeared to be long and skinny, but it was dark. There was a small window to my left. I couldn’t see anything but stars resting in the darkness. They looked so close that if I wasn’t locked up, I could have reached out and grabbed one.

My arms and ankles were bound with clamps and there were chains that connected from the wall to them both. I yanked at the chains, but they wouldn’t budge. I tugged at different links, I tugged at the clamps, I tugged at the anchor on the wall, all to no avail. How was that possible? Did Heph make these?

“There’s no use wasting your energy,” a weak, but deep voice coughed. I looked into the darkness and saw one big red blinking eye. “It’s not the chains that are strong, it’s you that is not.” What the hell did he just say?

“What do you mean, it’s me?” I was very confused. Did he not know I was an Olympian?

“Down,” was all he said. I looked down and saw a faint white circle around me; it was about five feet in diameter. I reached my hand towards the line, a purple and blue swirling field sparked. I did it again, with more force, but couldn’t get past it.

“What is it?” I asked. I scrunched my eyebrows when there wasn’t an answer. “Uh, hello?” I said a little louder.

His red eye opened, he coughed, looked around and said, “Hmm, sorry, I must have dozed off.”

I saw his eye start to close again, so I yelled, “Hey!” The eye popped wide open.

“Yep, I’m awake.” He yawned loudly and then continued, “It’s a magical barrier. It keeps you weak and mortal-like.”

Son of a bitch, that’s why I couldn’t break the chains. I’m a gods damned mortal again, or at least while I was in this circle. I was trying to devise a plan when my companion asked, “Aren’t you Apollo, the sun god?” 

I am pretty recognizable, but lately, it’s been because of my music. I took in a breath and sighed, “Apollon at your service.” Man, it had been some time since I used that name.

I could hear him whisper, “Wow, I’m in the same cage as the freaking sun God.” 

Even though I was in this cold cell, I couldn’t help but smile. “What’s your name?” I asked.

“Red, sir.” 

I chuckled at the sir. “Just call me Apollo.”

I heard him whisper to himself, “Yes! Apollo is awesome. I’m going to keep praying to him.”

Prayer to me? I haven’t heard a prayer to me since…and then it hit me. “Wait, is your name Thirgatrilax?”

He sucked in a big gulp of air. “Oh my gods, you hear me when I pray?” By the end of the sentence, it came out as a whisper. 

I chuckled at him. “How long have you been here?” I asked him.

He was quiet for a moment and I didn’t think he was going to answer. I opened my mouth to ask again, but he spoke before I could. “Um, if today is Friday…” he paused. He mumbled something about the winter solstice and carrying the one. “I have been here for two years.” 

Holy crap, two years! That is insane. I really needed to get out of here, and I would need to free Red, too. “Where are we?” I asked my new friend. But of course, he was asleep again. I really didn’t want to go through waking him up every time I had a question, so I did the next best thing. I yelled. “Hey! Can I get something to eat? A blanket? A bedtime story?” 

I heard Red snore a bit. After about a minute, I heard light laughing and scraping. Step, scrape, laugh. Step, scrape, laugh. Over and over, step, scrape, laugh. A light clicked on in the distance, step, scrape, laugh. This happened for almost three straight minutes before a light clicked on in the cell I was in.

I quickly took in my surroundings. The room was about ten by twenty, with four or five contraptions like the one I was in. Red was a big, red-skinned troll. Well, he was tall but super skinny. His ribs looked like they were trying to escape his body, his face was very thin, and he had scars all over his body. He definitely looked like he had been here for two years.

There was another step, scrape, laugh, and then the rattling of keys. The door made a loud creak as it swung open, and I saw the reason for the step, scrape, laugh. A gods damn Mahaha. A Mahaha is a frozen zombie-like creature that has long frozen hair, long fingers, sharp black razor-like nails, and a frozen smile.

Step, scrape, laugh. Yeah, they laugh all the time, like they are the Joker’s minions or something. I really don’t think they even realize that they do it. Step, scrape, laugh.

“Yyoouuuu.” He pointed one of his long fingers at me. “Nneeddd ttooo bbeee qquuiieettt.” He spoke slowly and extended every letter, almost like a ghost from a movie.

A plan came to me. I needed to get the Mahaha closer to me, maybe he could break the circle and thus the magic keeping me mortal. So I decided to mock him. I mocked his slouching body, his dead foot, and his voice. 

“You need to come make me,” I carried out the letters. Step, scrape, laugh. The Mahaha reached out its long finger, inching ever so slightly towards the barrier. They have some crazy touch magic. They can knock a person into a deep sleep with just a single touch. Come on you frozen son of a bitch. He cocked his head and looked at me with his dead ice blue eyes. His fingernail was less than an inch away.

“Come on you stupid son of a…” I was interrupted by a deep, slow, breathy voice.

“Oh, Apollo. Do you really think it would be that easy?” 

It couldn’t be, but it would explain how I got here. I followed the voice and my worst fears were realized. Standing just inside the cell door was a six-foot eight-inch, two hundred and eighty-nine pound fucking Titan. Crius’ skin shimmered with both blue and purple, with little stars all around him. If he wasn’t such a dick, he would be cool to look at.

I rapidly blinked my eyes, hoping that what I saw was not real. The big blue bastard moved closer to me and then leaned down so that we were eye to eye. “Yes, little god, I am real, and I am here to exact my revenge on you.” 

What the hell was he talking about? Zeus is the one who banished him, not me. “What revenge could you have on me?” His ice-blue eyes flashed gold as he seethed.


I what? Who the hell was his…shit. His son was Python. The beast I killed for tormenting my mother. “His death was warranted. He tormented my mother, and forced her to continue moving when she was supposed to have my sister and me.” 

Crius waved my explanation off. “It doesn’t matter the reasoning. You killed him, and now I am going to make you pay in ways that will scar you for life. You think what they did to Zeus and his sinews was bad? Just wait until I get my hands on you.” Crius turned towards the door and yelled, “Bring him to my chamber!”

The Mahaha loudly laughed and lifted his finger towards my head. He touched my temple and laughed as he said, “Bbrraaiinnn ffrreeeezzeee.” My vision flashed blue, and I suddenly had the biggest pain in my head. The blue faded to black and I lost consciousness.

Apollo (Chris Smolinski)
Chris Smolinski is working on being a published author. He is married with three kids, two of whom have autism. He is a stay-at-home father, so he has lots of time for writing, and yet, does not always get the time to a ton done. He loves American football (Fly Eagles Fly) and has multiple championships in fantasy football. He loves to read and listen to audiobooks. His favorite book is Nightlord by Garon Whited and his favorite narrator is Sean Runnette. He is ecstatic that Apollo chose him to be his scribe.
Apollo (Chris Smolinski)

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