Titans Rising – Godnapped, Part II

Crius stood over me, chin in his hand, thinking of what torture to pull next. “I think I’m going to…” he paused to grab the knife, “cut a little bit here.”

Content Warning: Torture and Cannibalism

I rolled my head, cracking the bones in my neck. While rolling to my side, I said, “Man, I had the weirdest dream last night.” I pursed my lips and leaned down to kiss Urania on the forehead, but she wasn’t there. I quickly sat up and looked around our bedroom, thank the gods. Urania came strolling in, with one of my t-shirts on, and two coffee cups in hand.

“What’s this about a dream?” She handed me one of the cups and sat down on the bed. I took a drink and set the coffee down. I laid my hand on her knee and lightly slid my hand upwards.

“What dream? I didn’t say anything about a dream.” I shot her a wicked smile. She slapped my arm and laughed.

“You better tell me!” She tried to sound tough, but it was too cute for that.

“And if I don’t?” She jumped on me, straddling my stomach, pinning my arms under her knees. I pretended to struggle as she worked to keep me down. She pushed my shoulders down hard. I was surprised at her strength. I really couldn’t move. What the hell was going on? I couldn’t move anything. She put a hand on my forehead and slammed it down onto the bed. I looked into her eyes, but instead of her big violet eyes, I saw ice blue eyes.

I shook my head and was brought back to reality. I had a Mahaha on top of me, pulling his finger away from my forehead. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw another one sharpening an ice blue knife. My head was being strapped down by a third one.

“So, you have yourself a lover? Maybe I should bring her here, let her watch.” I could feel my face heat up with anger. “Or better yet, maybe I will force you to watch me kill her.” 

I couldn’t hold my anger back. “You fucking touch her and I will kill you!”

Crius laughed. He picked up the knife and lightly pushed the tip into his finger. A single drop of dark purple blood dropped to the floor. He leaned over my face and smiled. “Yes, the big bad god of the sun will kill me. Why don’t you get right to that? I’ll wait.” He paused for a moment and then continued. “No? Ok then, keep your hollow threats to yourself and tell me, does this hurt?!”

I screamed as he slid the knife down my left arm like he was filleting a fish dinner. He made a cut from shoulder to the ditch of my arm. Layer by layer, he cut my skin, until all that was left was the muscle. Each cut hurt more than the last. “It’s like peeling an onion,” he said with a smile. He took the knife and sliced off a chunk of my bicep and ate it. “Mmm, that is tasty.” I could feel my heartbeat through my whole body. Rivers of gold flowed from the multiple wounds. I wanted to cry out, but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he hurt me.

He cut off a second piece and dipped it into my blood. He moved the piece towards my mouth. “Want some? No? Ok, more for me.” He tossed the second piece into his mouth and swallowed it down.

I braced as he moved to my bicep again, but he stopped short, looked at the knife and then back at my bicep. I bit my tongue as he stabbed the knife into my chest like it was a cutting table. Come to think of it, I guess I kind of was.

He dug his fingers into the muscle and yanked. The pain from it tearing off the bone sent me into shock. I became woozy and my vision blurred. Crius slapped my cheek and said, “Oh, come on now. You are giving up so easily? I thought you Olympians were supposed to be badasses.”

Normally, I would throw some smartass comment at my foe, but I was in so much pain that all my concentration was being diverted to help me deal with it. He dropped the muscle and it dangled like a link of sausage hanging out of a dog’s mouth.

Crius stood over me, chin in his hand, thinking of what torture to pull next. “I think I’m going to…” he paused to grab the knife, “cut a little bit here.” He pulled the knife across my chest, from my left shoulder to my right hip. The pain was too much, I had hit my limit. Everything blurred and then went black.

I came to and I was in my cell again. My arm and chest were roughly bandaged. I ached so badly that I felt weak, like I couldn’t even stand. I closed my eyes and hummed a small tune. It was a minor healing spell that I had come up with. It would fix the wounds, but with the dampening circle and the fact that it’s only a minor healing spell, it would take days, if not weeks to completely heal.

I could feel the small fibers of my skin begin to knit themselves as I hummed. Slowly, very slowly, the pain went from a thirty on a scale of one to ten, to a twelve. I leaned against the wall and tried to sleep, but every time I closed my eyes, I saw visions of Crius getting his hands on my Urania.

“You awake, Red?” I asked. There was no answer. I thought about waking him up, but if he was going through anything like I just did, he would need that sleep. I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything but what was going on.

I must have fallen asleep, because the sound of that creaky door startled me. It was that damn Mahaha, except this time, he had a few friends with him. I thought they were coming for me, but they stepped, scraped, laughed right passed me, and on to Red.

“Hey, what the hell is going on?” he said. There was true fear in his words. He tried to struggle free, but one of the Mahahas touched its long finger on Red’s temple, stopping all fight in him. I wanted to try to help him, but I didn’t have any strength right now.

I sighed in relief when they didn’t give me a second look. That relief was quickly washed away when Crius came walking in.

“Apollo, how are we feeling?” I spit in his direction but didn’t say a word. Crius laughed and turned to leave. “I’ll come for you soon enough, Apollo, but not today. I need you to rest up, for the next time we meet.” He shot his hand towards me and the circle shot little lightning bolts off the shield. It wasn’t a big pain, but it was enough that it got annoying real quick. The only good thing was that each bolt that shot made the shield shimmer. It helped take my attention off all the pain.

I came to as the door opened. My eyes widened as I saw Red slowly walk towards me. He didn’t have the same look as the other Mahahas, but he was slow like them. As he got closer, I saw that his big yellow eye was now the same ice blue of Crius. His mouth was frozen into a smile and he had a slight limp.

I stood up as he moved towards me. He lifted his hands and looked like a zombie as he wrapped his fingers around my neck. I was up against the wall, but his feet kept moving, like he thought he was walking towards something. I punched down on his arms, but his grip was solid.

“What are you doing?” He laughed as he squeezed harder. My strength ebbed, or at least what strength I had, and my vision started to blur. I was about to pass out when he just let go. I coughed as I tried to catch my breath. I rubbed at my neck as Red turned around and walked, well, shuffled, out of the cage. I was so confused.

I laid on my side and tried to figure out what the hell just happened. And that was when I noticed it. That big ass troll just helped me out. Somehow, he had broken the circle. I could feel my strength start to come back. Not completely, but enough to get me the hell out of here.

I pulled at the chains and they easily broke from the wall. I wanted so badly to find Crius and tear him apart, but I was nowhere near the strength I needed to be. I wrapped one chain around my injured arm, like a sling, and loosely wrapped the other length of metal around my opposite arm. It would make a decent enough weapon. Full strength or not, I had to get Crius back in his cell.

I had no idea where Crius was, but I wouldn’t leave this lair until I found him. I saw a Mahaha at the end of the hall, so I ran after it. He barely got turned around in time, when I punched my chained arm into his head. It exploded under the pressure, pieces of ice flying everywhere. Damn, my strength was coming back quicker than I thought.

I had been running through this damn lair for, well, I didn’t know exactly, but it seemed like forever. I ducked into a room when I heard some talking.

“I don’t care, find him! If he gets away, he will bring the full force of the Olympians!”

The Mahaha laughed and stepped, scraped, laughed away. The handle of the door wiggled, and I frantically looked around. I was in some kind of sitting room. There were two single chairs with a bar globe in the middle. In front of the chairs was a blue flame fireplace and a door. On the walls were different weapons, some ice daggers, a dark purple star sword, and an axe. This really wasn’t a decision; I opened the door to a staircase leading up.

I left the door open a sliver as Crius walked in and moved to the fire. He mumbled a few incomprehensible words and turned to the globe and lifted the top. He grabbed one of the bottles and poured a drink. His eyes landed on the door as he picked up his glass.

“Why is that door open?” Shit. I took a few steps away from the door and tightened the chain. I heard the ice clink off the glass as he moved towards the door. I took a deep breath and launched off the wall with a superman punch. The door opened and I saw Crius’ surprised face just before I hit him. Glass shattered as he fell backwards into the bar globe.

“Son of a bitch! I’m going to…” I didn’t let him finish. I pulled the axe off the wall and slammed it into his chest.

“Tell me, does this hurt?!” The axe was plunged halfway into his chest, purple blood oozed out of the wound. I mounted him and punched him with my good hand. “You fucked with the wrong god.” I threw an elbow across his chin. I reached back to hit him with a big blow, but he tossed me aside. 

He rose to his feet, chest covered in purple blood. “I’m gonna fuck you.”

My eyebrows furrowed. I waited for him to continue, but he didn’t. I cocked my head in confusion at him and said, “I’m all for kinky stuff, but I don’t think so.” It was his turn to look confused. I put up my hand. “I’m not shaming you. I mean it’s 2020, we don’t kink shame.” I let the chain loosen as his face scrunched in anger.

“You talk too much, Sun God. Let’s get this over with; I have mayhem to cause.” He lunged at me, but I was ready. I threw the chain and it wrapped around his neck. He grabbed at it as I pulled him towards me. He fell on his face and I wrapped the chain around his neck again. I stepped on his back and pulled. He tried to suck in air, but it only tightened the chain. I drug him towards the fire, rotating between pulling the chain and letting his flesh burn. His cries of pain slowed, and his fight ebbed. There was a pool of purple blood spreading under him.

I wanted to kill this son of a bitch, but Zeus would probably put me in his place. So I just pulled until he passed out. I took a deep breath as I let the chain hang loose. My upper arm was throbbing. I searched the bar globe for anything that wasn’t broken. The only bottle left was a bottle of 99 Bananas schnapps. My face scrunched as I thought about how bad this was.

I twisted the cap off and choked down a few shots. I threw the bottle into the fire, picked up the unconscious Crius and headed out of the lair. If I never saw this place again, it would be too soon.

Apollo (Chris Smolinski)
Chris Smolinski is working on being a published author. He is married with three kids, two of whom have autism. He is a stay-at-home father, so he has lots of time for writing, and yet, does not always get the time to a ton done. He loves American football (Fly Eagles Fly) and has multiple championships in fantasy football. He loves to read and listen to audiobooks. His favorite book is Nightlord by Garon Whited and his favorite narrator is Sean Runnette. He is ecstatic that Apollo chose him to be his scribe.
Apollo (Chris Smolinski)

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