Ate smoked out of my office, and I turned to Eos. “Why did you stop me?” I yelled. 

“Because if you had done what I saw in your head, we wouldn’t have heard all she had to say.”

I walked back to the bar, grabbing Eos’ glass on the way, and set them down on the bar counter. I stood there a minute and took a deep breath, trying to calm down. I felt the glow and warmth emanating from Eos as she came up behind me and placed her hand on my back. It wasn’t until she did, that I realized how dark I had become. Isolation wasn’t a good thing for me. Family helped me stay in check. Family…my thoughts drifted to Zeus and the Olympians.

Helios was still in the wrong, Eos too. Ate was right. I do remember last time. Last time, the Olympians won and should have. Zeus asked me back. He didn’t have to reach out to me at all. Could they become my family?” 

Eos smiled wryly at my thought process and released my back. “That’s what I thought you’d say.” Her eyes changed to a darker green and she turned towards the door. 

“Eos, wait!”

She turned back, looking at me over her shoulder, and said simply, “I don’t think I will. We clearly still don’t see eye to eye.” She opened my office door and walked out, leaving it wide open. 

I stood there for a while, stunned. Cherie sat at her desk, paler than usual as Eos strode past her. She shook her head a little as she tried to wrap her mortal brain around the side effects and events she witnessed over the last few hours. 

“Cherie, love? What are you still doing here? It’s the middle of the night.” I asked her as I approached her, my eyes following Eos to the elevator. I knew there was no use chasing her as her mind was made up, just like mine. 

I turned my attention back to Cherie as she struggled to find her words. I walked up to her and cupped her face. The effects of two very emotional Titans and a goddess were too much for her and her brain was unable to process. I bent a little and dropped my hand from her face to the back of her neck, slipping my other arm under her knees. I lifted her slight form and carried her to my couch. I sighed deeply as I stood. 

I kept watching over her for a few minutes to make sure she was coming around before slipping into my personal quarters for a blanket and damp cloth for her forehead. I came back out and draped the blanket over her and perched on the coffee table next to her before placing the damp cloth on her head. 

How did this become such a massive clusterfuck so quickly?” I thought to myself. 

I didn’t really need to talk to Zeus. I knew his answers without asking. 

I turned my attention and focused back on Cherie, and seeped some of my pent-up energy into her. This is me, the healer, the mother. I needed to find the fight and help fight back the Titans. Seeing Cherie stir and watch as the focus came back into her eyes, I felt she would be ok, and I could move on. I stood, walked to the bar and pulled out a glass. I bent and opened the small fridge from under the counter and gathered a few ice cubes in my hand before standing and dropping them into the glass. I poured her some water from a bottle on the counter and brought it to her. I set it down on the coffee table and flipped the cloth on her head to the cooler side. 

“Wha…what happened…” The woman tried to sit up, and I laid my hand on her shoulder gently, but firm enough to get my point across. She laid back against the couch and pressed her hand to the cloth on her head.

“It’s ok, you’ll feel better soon. When you do, go home and stay there. Your life is more valuable to me than this place. Ok?” 

She nodded slightly in response. 

“I have to go now, but I will be back to check on you soon. We can talk then.” 

She wrinkled her face questioningly, but didn’t argue. 

“I’ll help you make sense of it all when I return, just trust me for now, ok?”

Her eyes began to close as she relaxed in the trust we had developed. She knew this side of me, and that was enough. 

I stood and looked around my office. I took a deep sigh. I turned towards the window and called my steeds. I opened the window and stepped out into my awaiting chariot. I closed my eyes and felt out my fellow Titans. I knew I needed to talk to someone. Another Titan to help me get my thoughts out. But who? I flew southwest towards Mt. Olympus as I thought. “Maybe Asteria or Dione, no, they haven’t been around like me. I don’t even know if they are involved in the fight this time. Wait, Leto! Surely she has answered Apollo’s or Artemis’ call for aid.” I thought about where she might be and turned at Mt Olympus. 

I approached the GC in a matter of minutes, but I was not prepared for what I found. The building had smoke billowing out of the busted windows, and the mortal fire rescue teams were rushing all around, trying to get the people out and stabilize the building. “What in Tartarus happened here?” I thought to myself. My next thought was to my lab and the mortals I had hired to build it. “Gods! I have to do something!”

I pulled my chariot up to the 25th floor, where my lab was located, and stepped in through one of the shattered windows. Oh, gods! Twisted metal and glass shards were everywhere. The cabinets were dangling from the wall, and their doors were hanging from the hinges. The tables were littered with ceiling tiles and debris. I continued walking through the room and began calling out for anyone on the floor. The first mortal I found was one of the workmen that had been hanging ceiling tiles. I’m pretty sure he broke some bones falling off the ladder, but I knelt down beside him and asked if I could help him out of the building. He mumbled and nodded. I slid one arm through the rubble and under his shoulder, gingerly sitting him up. I paused when he groaned and gave him a moment to readjust. Now that he was settled, I finished securing him in my arms and stood up. We carefully made our way back to the window and into my chariot. We flew down to ground level and I delivered him to one of the ambulances parked outside.

I flew back and repeated the process until all the mortals from my floor were out and safe. Then I started on the next floor. I keep asking myself, “What happened here?Was it the Titans? Something to do with Pollux and Castor’s key? A mortal attack?” I shook off the questions and continued my work. I had just reentered the building and headed to the stairwell when I saw Artemis coming down a flight of stairs in a panic. “Arty? Artemis, are you ok? You’re clearly upset. Do you know what happened here?”

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